Thursday, March 16, 2017


Oh hey, just popping in with some randomness..

1. Disney Hangover. We did the quickest Orlando trip known to man, but it was awesome. So awesome. My super sweet uncle sent us fast pass tickets for Magic Kingdom - it was such a surprise and we were so very thankful!

At Gray's age, I knew he would enjoy the trip but had no idea how much. He loved the airplane, the ice cream, the rides, meeting Mickey so much that we decided to do a  second park on Sunday before heading to the airport. Where he got to meet his main crush... Minnie. Theres video, that he has watched no less than 1000x. he is obsessed.

It was the perfect last trip for just the three of us. I am so thankful that we took advantage of my work trip!

2. Third Trimester. Say what?! It doesn't feel like that long ago we found out that we were pregnant. I know that they say your subsequent pregnancies fly by faster, its so true. Life with a toddler, work, family, just really life in general has made time pass so quickly this time. Its hard to believe its been 28 weeks already, but here we are. A healthy babe still cookin' away. I have an appointment next week and then starting in April I will be seeing my doc weekly. And seeing baby boy weekly. I will take it!

3. Big Boy Bed. Get it bro. This kid is such a champ. He truly just goes with the flow. He gave up the paci without issue. He comes and goes wherever we need him to, And now we kicked him out of the crib and into the big boy bed and he loves it. We are almost a week in and haven't had any problems. He waits in the morning to get out of bed and sleeps great all night. Hopefully it sticks & the transition to being a big brother is just as easy

4. Supper Club We are soon to welcome another sweet babe to this crazy crew. & we are oh so excited!

5. Nursery Progress I have been all over J to get things done in the nursery. I keep seeing pictures on timehop of G's nursery 2 years ago and we were pretty much done at this point and had a month longer to go! Chop, chop, Mr Dunaway!

that's about all I've got at the moment.. maybe i'll be back sooner next time :)
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