Monday, September 14, 2015

Last Week Photo Dump

We have a big week coming up... our nanny, Amanda, starts tomorrow. A few weeks out to get things rolling before I head back into the office. Lots of mixed emotions, but not much time to blog since I need to get the schedule/expectations all together.. so here's a photo dump of the last week or so..

Sealife Aquarium with the girls & their momma...

Scrolling through my IG and project nursery featured G's nursery on their page - SURPRISE! 

We had some serious morning snuggles Saturday morning - cant beat a morning with this sweet face!

Saturday afternoon we went to a local carnival with our Supper Club favorites


I think we had a good time - the boys were exhausted when we got home!

Sunday was the best day of the year - Cowboys first real game. G's t-shirt was J's first Cowboys shirt as a baby too!

Happy Monday yall!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Weekend of Firsts

Long weekends arent as meaningful while you are on maternity leave, but they are still full out important to everyone else, so there are lots of plans to be had. Since G&I were still on the mend, we were sure to keep plenty of downtime on the books.

Friday we started our weekend with a family walk, not a first, but Mama & Daddy strolled the hood with bevies and that was a first - counts right?!

Followed up with bath time and lots of snuggles - low key Fridays are our favorite.

Can we talk about these dinosaur jams?! I bought these before G was born... well before I knew he would talk like one! Meant to be I tell ya!

Baby's first concert in the park: Saturday day was a lazy one around the house and we went out for lunch. That night we had plans with Justin, Jordan and Hayes to go to a concert in the park. The weather wasnt overbearing hot which was so nice! We ordered Gramaldi's and smuggled in beers and vodka. We were set!

Baby's first beer.... I mean, Brewery: Sunday we made plans with my parents to go to Grapevine Brewery in the afternoon. J's dad, Bobby, came along with us since Marianne was out of town for the weekend. It was a fun outing with yummy beers - I definitely missed being able to indulge in the craft brews during my pregnancy!

After the brewery, we went back to my parents for dinner and to hang out and watch a movie.

It was G's first time staying somewhere besides home, and his first bath in a kitchen sink. He didnt enjoy it very much, but it was funny nonetheless. Hopefully he gets used to it since in a few weeks, I will be staying there for a few days while J is on my brothers bachelor party!

Baby's first swim: Monday we went over to J's parents so the littles could enjoy their first swim at MiMi and Pops!

Auntie JoJo made the boys some Texas Tech onesies.. where I do not condone red and black, nor do I want to encourage G to be a fan, these onesies are pretty darn cute!

Such a fun and busy weekend... if only every weekend could be three days!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Grayson Daniel: 2 Months

Oh man, {TWO} months already?! How can it be? If I thought the first month flew by, the second month happened in a blink.

I woke up the morning of G's 2 month appointment feeling miserable. My throat hurt more than I can ever remember, so I promptly took myself to Care Now and J took Grayson to his appointment all single-dad like. When you ask Daddy to take a pic at the doctors office for his post, this is what you get... not exactly what I was looking for but I will take it

FOUR shots for my little bug - cant say I am sad to have missed this portion of the appointment..

The appointment went great! G is one healthy babe & Dr Pass commented several times on how strong he is. {Which came along with a lot of reminders for him to not be left alone on his changing table - noted & extra noted} When she put him on his belly he quickly raised his head to 90* and kept it there for a long time. This impressed her most! His official stats:

Weight: 12 pounds 15 ounces {80%}
Height: 23.25 inches {65%}
Head: 39.5 cm {40%}

All that talk about having a big head and now its not even on the high side of the charts! 

Feeding time is still no laughing matter around here. A friend of mine says her baby flirts with her during  meal time.. not my baby. It is all business my friends. He even hates stopping for a burp break. We have continued on the same schedule as last month, which has us at 7 feedings a day and one overnight bottle. I have a post coming up that will elaborate on all of this so I wont bore you with the details now. But overall G eats great! The only issue we have is gas pains. With how he toots and burps you wouldnt think there could be more gas in there, but there is. I have been using the gripe water and mylicon drops which seem to temporarily help a brother out.

Passed out!

Sleep is no problem for this little guy either. Although, he definitely stays awake a lot more than last month. After he starts to show signs of falling asleep, I will either snuggle with him, or if I put him in the swing or his crib for a nap he will stay awake for another 15 - 20 minutes, just hanging out. He still loves that paci, so if I hear fussing I know its because he lost it, so a quick replacement of the paci and he is back to be content as can be. At night he gets put down at about 10:30 and will wake anywhere between 3 - 4:30 am for a feeding. I am not sure when he will sleep through the night, as he wakes himself easily for this feeding, but we arent rushing anything.

He has no problem sleeping anywhere. Especially if I am out running errands he will snooze away in his carseat regardless of how many times he is in and out of the car. I think his favorite places to sleep would be his swing and on me. If I never needed to get things done around the house, I would happily do the later all day, every day.

We use white noise when he sleeps. We have a sound machine for his bedroom, and then literally 5 portable sound machines that are attached to his pack and play, swing, carseat, bouncer and one that is ready to go wherever one's battery dies. I mean, he sleeps without it, but he sleeps better with it, so why ruin a good thing?
My pre-baby self thought that I would have moved the babe out of our room at 6 weeks, but here we are at 8 weeks and I just dont think I am ready yet. For one reason alone, convenience. For J&I in the middle of the night its a lot easier to replace a paci a few feet from the bed than going to the other room. So lazy, right? I am not waking in the middle of the night to just check on him anymore, and I think my body is starting to know his noises he makes through the night since I dont feel like I wake for every single grunt he makes. My goal is still to move him out by the time I return to work (October 1st), but if it doesnt happen, whatever. He will become a big boy soon enough

Houdini Arms... always finds a way out

We are rocking out tummy time like you wouldnt believe. Enjoys laying and hitting the animals on his playmat. He grabbed and held onto a rattle for the first time the other day. I recently downloaded an app called BabySparks which has a list of activities daily to do with your baby and I have started to do those. They range from just doing bicycle movements with his legs, to walking him around the house to rooms he doesnt normally go in and talking to him about what things are. He really loves to sit upright or be over your shoulder so he can see whats all going on, so walking him around is something he really enjoys! 

We have really started to play a lot of music for him. Jarrett downloaded some lullaby Elton John songs that G loves and then J also plays the guitar almost nightly for him. Sometimes even while wearing him - now thats some multitasking! We are also reading to him more regularly, which has become part of our evening routines. 

Hopefully with September means some reprieve from this Texas heat and walks will become a regular outing. I will flip his carseat to face out and I think he will really enjoy seeing whats going on in the 'hood!

  •  At 6 weeks we encountered our first real growth spurt along with the peek of fussiness. Nothing like a double whammy to break in some first time parents
  • Happiest Baby on the Block was the best 45 minutes we spent before G arrived
  • Outgrew Newborn clothes by 6 weeks
  • Outgrew the NB Sleep Sacks at about 5 weeks
  • We have experienced real tears
  • G has tense body language just like his Mama
  • He has Daddy's eye shape, but Mama's baby blues
  • Baths are now becoming enjoyable (& a family affair)
  • If we offer the paci and he doesnt want it he will close his lips tight and crinkle his nose
  • He is now showing patience when the bottle isnt ready right away. Although he still fusses its more of a whimper than a crazy angry scream
  • Hes started to shoot the paci out of his mouth once he is done with it
  • We had our first emergency visit. He may now be the kid with long fingernails and dirt under them forever
  • I can now differentiate his cries {hungry, fussy, angry} and also his body language {before he will fuss, when he wants his paci, etc}
  • Our nanny, Amanda, came over for the first time this month. He snuggled right up to her
  • I've noticed an increase in drool in this last week and we read that teeth can sprout at any point now if he's an early bloomer. Everyone start praying that this doesnt happen!
  • There is a lot more coo-ing and "talking"  along with smiles
  • Although he is stingy with his smiles - they are always on his terms 
  • He just started to lock eyes more and follow objects. Although I think there is room for lots of improvement here.
  • His hair has been falling out, but the hair that is growing back is even lighter than before
  • His lashes are finally filling in. He has lots and they are long, but they are light, just like his eyebrows
  • One of daddys favorites is when G nuzzles his neck before he goes down to bed
  • J sings Grayson the ABCs twice every night before bed
  • In the last week G has been doing a lot of open palm exploring and a lot of grabbing - my hair is one of his favorites to grab
  • He will push the paci or bottle closer to his face
  • He has rolled over from tummy to back a hand full of times over the past weekend


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