Monday, September 14, 2015

Last Week Photo Dump

We have a big week coming up... our nanny, Amanda, starts tomorrow. A few weeks out to get things rolling before I head back into the office. Lots of mixed emotions, but not much time to blog since I need to get the schedule/expectations all together.. so here's a photo dump of the last week or so..

Sealife Aquarium with the girls & their momma...

Scrolling through my IG and project nursery featured G's nursery on their page - SURPRISE! 

We had some serious morning snuggles Saturday morning - cant beat a morning with this sweet face!

Saturday afternoon we went to a local carnival with our Supper Club favorites


I think we had a good time - the boys were exhausted when we got home!

Sunday was the best day of the year - Cowboys first real game. G's t-shirt was J's first Cowboys shirt as a baby too!

Happy Monday yall!

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