Thursday, January 12, 2017

Grayson Daniel: 18 Months

Its insane how much Gray has grown, physically and mentally, in the last 6 months.

He is so fun right now. SO FUN. He has a mind of his own, that he isn't afraid to share with you, he likes to laugh & be silly, snuggle, and be rough & tumbly. He's at an age where I no longer feel like I need to hover over him when we are at home.

Height: 32 3/4 - 33" (70th%-ish)
Weight: 27lb5oz (70th%)

We had our 18 well check on Wednesday. G had just been in the office on Monday with lots of congestion and had his first experience with a nebulizer. To say he was still a little scarred from Monday would be an understatement. The minute we walked into the office he started saying "no" on repeat and whining. Getting his height and weight was not easy, so these are estimates. But hey, I get it Buddy. Its bee a rough week.

The great news is, he is developing well and checked out great! His speech is ahead of the curve, which makes me laugh since our house is a loud house. And I love it.

The other great news is he is already looking better compared to Monday. We have been doing breathing treatments twice a day to break it all up and G is getting better at sitting through them. By the time we are done with them on Friday they will be a piece of cake!

Grayson made the transition to no bottles without an issue. We used Nuby 360 sippy cups and he has now transitioned to using any type of sippy cup, except for the munchkin 360 cups.. just forget about those for now! He drinks milk in the morning, at school and at dinner. He drinks lots of water as well. I don't do juice, not even the watered down kind. I mean, I am not against it, but for as long as he doesn't know theres something that tastes better out there, I will let him keep his sugar intake down.

In the toddler room at school, they provide lunch and snacks. Which is awesome. Its one less things to stress about. I don't know how you mommas out there make cold lunches without peanut butter everyday for your kiddos. I run out of ideas in like 3 days. ha! But the best part about the lunches provided to G is that they are fairly gourmet and help to expand G's pallet. Which is awesome! It always makes me laugh if he is marked as he at "most" or "all" for that day because I know if I look at the menu, its going to be pasta or pizza. Only once has the note said "None. & then Grayson threw his lunch on the floor" LOL I guess he wasn't into lunch that day.

Oh! And the dips. Give this kid all.the.dips. Ketchup, ranch, BBQ sauce, guacamole, queso, salsa.. all of it. Doesn't like something? Give him a small amount of sauce and he will love it.

Still a champion in the sleep department. Down by 7 every night, up around 7 (or later) every morning. He can stay up later if we are out and about but if I keep him up late at home with no one over, he becomes a crabby monster. Its awful.

Naptime at school has become a game changer over all for us. In the toddler room they all nap from 12 - 2. Everyday. And G just followed suit on day one! They have sleep mats they put on cots and they all snooze. I would have never thought he was ready for that, but apparently if all the kids are doing it... G is in too. Good now, not so good for the teenage years, amiright?! Auntie Chara made him the BEST sleep mat ever, with temperpedic foam and pillow, spoiled much?! He loves it and I love that its not cheesy and is even monogrammed.

He can play and do whatever he wants on his own as long as the gates are latched on the stairs. He will certainly let me know if he needs something. He has about a million toys, all of which get put to use, but I would say among his very favorite are his broom, tickle monster gloves, choo choo, his truck and books.

For Christmas he received a mini broom and he loves it. Last thing he touches before bed, first thing he asks for in the morning (after Mama and Fishies, of course). He puts on (or gets help putting on) the tickle gloves then chases us around the house saying "tickle tickle"! Nana & Papa got G a train for Christmas and boy does he love it! Santa drives the train and he thinks its the Bee's knees. Mimi and Poppy got G a truck for Christmas, he loves to cruise the street in it and go visit the "Wa-wa" aka the neighborhood pond, where the "DUCK!!!" lives.

As he has gotten more confident walking/running over the past few months, he has become more adventurous. Climbing on tables, getting himself on couches/chairs, etc. He loves slides and swings and all things you can crawl through. He jumps into his teepee through the window... why?! Boys. He can go up and down the stairs easily, although I still panic, but I know I will be thankful once this belly grows bigger and I don't have to carry him every time.

We got him a boy baby doll once we found out #2 was on the way. He isn't so fond of him yet, but he does hold or hug him briefly.

He loves snapchat filters. If he's cranky, snapchat to the rescue!

  • He knows lots of animal sounds. If you ask him he will tell you, but also when he sees the animal the first thing he will do to identify it is make the noise.
  • Jarrett got a record player for Christmas and Grayson will say "Music" and wiggle his bottom. He loves music and to dance. He also knows what he does or doesn't like, if Jarrett tries to put on any record outside of the Wild Feathers, he just shakes his head and says "no" even if we try to get him to dance to whatever it is. its pretty hilarious.
  • He has quite the vocabulary. When I read that he should have a dozen words or so, I feel relieved to know he is ahead of the game here. Not only does he have a few dozen words, he will repeat most of what you ask him to. He also will string two words together here and there. His favorite phrase right now is "which you" which means - "hold me!"
  • He went through a serious Mama phase, but although he still loves me, he isn't cold shouldering his Daddy anymore.
  • Gray is still sensitive. If his feelings get hurt, he might cry. Or if another child takes something from him, he might cry. If he's thrown into an unknown situation, he might cry. But if he bumps his head, he likely wont cry. Ha!
  • He loves to brush his teeth. Climb up on his stepstool brush his teeth and his hair before bed.
  • In my 12 month update I talked about biting. Great news it was a short phase. We have been bite free for a long time now.
  • He loves his Layla. He always has, but these days he sits on her because he wants to be so close, he chases her everywhere and he loves on her ALL.THE.TIME. its the sweetest yall.
  • We tried out swim lessons at the end of summer, but with his ear problems, we had to discontinue, for now at least. He loved it, so I am really bummed out, but its not worth infecting his second tubes

We are loving watching this boy grow. He truly makes life way better. Cant wait to continue to watch him become a little boy!
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