Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Recap

This year has been the best yet. As I get older, the years scream by faster, but they are always sweeter. I am savoring every moment like never before.

We finally announced we were expecting Baby Dunaway & had our gender reveal party to share it was Baby BOY Dunaway

Knowing I would only sleep in our bed 4 times in the month of March, we worked fast and furiously on getting G's nursery in order.

I traveled like a crazy person, and baked Baby G along the way

We logged in time with the twins and I went to my first Masters. We celebrated our 4th anniversary on our BabyMoon in Seattle. & Also celebrated my Nana's 80th with a surprise party with extended family.

I did my final work trip and we showered sweet G

We celebrated our last Supper Club as a group of 13. We showered G with the DFF girls. We celebrated Baby Hayes.

Baby Month! Grayson's arrival, Baker's arrival & Hayes' arrival.

We got used to parenthood. Celebrated Heather & Joel's upcoming wedding. & Celebrated Miss Baker Bree

I savored my last month of maternity leave. Celebrated Heather's Last night out & took G to his first Rangers Game

I survived going back to work (barely). Heather got Married! We all survived my first trip away & celebrated G's first Halloween

We took our first road trip with G. Sophia was born. G went to a Stars game AND a Cowboys game.

G's first Christmas

I think to myself, how can 2016 beat 2015, yet I know it will. Watching G grow, turn 1, our 5 year anniversary and all of the milestones in between will all be just as sweet.

From our family to yours, Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Besties II

In the past few weeks Grayson has really become interested in Layla. She has always been interested in him. "Protecting" him. And always making sure she knows where he is.

This past week he is constantly looking for her. I had never heard him laugh so hard as he did at her over the weekend & then I was able to catch photos of them playing.

When she would stop licking him, he would pull her face and ears or smack her chest til she would do it again.

 The sweetest giggles from this boy. I cant wait to watch their friendship grow.

Monday, December 28, 2015

G's First Christmas

All I can say is G is a lucky, lucky boy! Jarrett & I are so blessed with amazing families, who spoiled G to no end. Even my extended family sent G Christmas goodies!

Christmas Eve is my birthday, so we always spend the day with my family. This year, my aunt surprised my family with a Portillo's care package that we had for lunch... HOLY YUMMINESS! Its always one of our first stops when we land in Chicago... I think I could do this monthly... I am not kidding. And maybe throw in some Lou Malnati's monthly too. I'd be in heaven. And fat. But who cares, right?!

We usually go out for dinner or my parents will cook tenderloin at home. With G this year, it seemed easier to me to stay in and hang out. It was very relaxing and nice to just spend time together.

G made out like a bandit - biggest highlights: Radio Flyer Wagon from DeeDee & Chief, Radio Flyer Grow with Me Tryke from Auntie Chara & Uncle Poopy and Moving Ball & Zoo from Nana & Papa

Typically we stay the night with my parents, but with G's arrival, I want him to wake up at home on Christmas morning, so we headed home that night. My Aunt Rhonda sent us Reindeer Food to sprinkle in the yard to be sure the reindeer were guided to our house, so we sprinkled the lawn and put down little man.

While G is little we will take advantage of "sleeping in" on Christmas morning. We leisurely got up and opened gifts at home

Santa brought G some toys, shoes & his very own chair to hang out in.

After we finished up at home we headed over to J's parents for breakfast and hanging out. These sweet cousins make Christmas so much better.

Again G got amazing things (so did we!) - highlights: MiMi & Pops got G the Bright Beats Play Space and Auntie Jojo & Uncle Justin got G the sweetest book that is customized with his name. Its amazing!

Next Christmas Hayes & G will be wild as ever & I cannot wait to watch this holiday through their eyes once again!

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