Friday, February 25, 2011

Project: Organize My Life - Phase 1

So apparently my life is a complete mess.

Who knew?

For being a serious Type A, OCD, individual my life has been turned upside down over the past few months. I guess thats what some serious work and traveling does to a person.

I came to this realization Wednesday morning. Up until that point I had a serious case of denial.

Wednesday morning I woke up late - had a conference call at 8:30 am... 7:45 am wake up call just ain't gonna cut it. Quick body wash shower... forget the hair - I had an appointment with Deb that night anyway. Get to the closet, and I find that J had "cleaned" aka his OCD kicks in and he hates my clothes laying on the chaise in our room and being in the laundry room (since I REFUSE to put them away) This cleaning means that there are serious piles of clothes in my itty bitty closet - not itty bitty by any means, but with the amount of clothes I have and Jarrett's suits that must be 1-inch apart (?! dont ask me) - - it seems itty bitty.

Long story short - my piles of clothes quickly turned into crazy, thrown, mounds while I tried to get ready. I realized that J needs to just leave my things alone, and that I need to get my sh!t in order. So Project: Organize My Life came to life.... then I sat on it for a few more days.
Tonight after work I finally faced the music... here are my before and afters... its no joke. OUT.OF.CONTROL.
Angle One:
Before -
After -

Angle Two:

Before -

After -
Next up: Project: Organize My Life - Phase 2 Car Clean Up.... everytime I turn I hear a Red Bull can clink around and a coke bottle sloshing... I mean really? Its so gross.... but I just turn up the music.... maybe soon..... but we'll see.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - JoJo Edition

Hello sweet friends!

Lots going on in the wedding world - things are getting accomplished left and right over here. We're getting so close... 52 days!

BUT today I want to post about Justin and Jordan's wedding! She is... I guess I should say THEY are making lots n lots of progress - she has booked a venue, picked a dress, bridesmaids dresses, has lots of creative, personalized ideas, etc.

I have always thought getting married in October would be the perfect month. Texas weather is amazing that time of year and it will make for the Dunaway Wedding to be absolute perfection.

Jarrett and I are so lucky to be a part of Justin and Jordan's day! Jarrett will be Justin's Best Man, and I was so blessed to be asked to be one of Jordan's bridesmaids with THE cutest tee:

J-squared is really on their A-game and have had their engagement pictures already taken. which you MUST check out HERE on their blog. They are so amazing, and absolutely their style!

I am so excited to start on all of JoJo's festivities and helping her with all of her DIY projects. She is so so creative and I cannot wait to see all of her visions come together!

Come on October! We are ready for you!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Sunday Edition

Hi friends!

I finally have a minute to sit down and write "Wedding Wednesday" even if its Sunday...

My absolutely amazing Bridesmaids (from left to right: Lorin, Jenna, Amber, Me, Katie, Heather, and Jordan) threw me the most perfect shower at Brio in Southlake. It was more than I had ever imagined and I am so thankful for such an amazing group of women.

Jordan made the CUTEST "bride to be" sign and I LOVED it! I am waiting for my camera to arrive from Austin... so I will post pictures of the event this week, but in the meantime, enjoy Miss Amber's post on the big event!

Speaking of Mrs. Amber Massey - J and I have talked, and I decided to put others judgement to the way-side and have asked Amber to be Matron of Honor in our wedding. She has been a much needed support system and a truly amazing friend before our engagement, and especially during. Its so exciting to have such a best friend and I want everyone to know all she has done for me and the wedding. This now means 3 of my 6 bridesmaids are special... and honestly in their own right. Heather has been my best friend since I moved here, Kate has been my best friend since college and Amber has been here for me over the past years.. without each of these ladies, I would a lost lady.

Miss Michael Calk recommended a make up artist to me, Hima Pandya, so Amber and I headed out there Saturday morning.. I had such an amazing experience and am so glad that the girls and I will be pampered by her on THE Big Day! I would highly recommend her - so you brides out there reading this, contact her! Or me, if you have questions!

We also had lunch with J's parents at our rehearsal dinner venue - food was spot on and I am so excited everything is coming together!

6 days until the DFF shower... 13 days until the Martini Masquerade.... 19 days until my bachelorette weekend... 56 days until the WEDDING! EEEEEK!

We are getting there.... Cant wait to see all of you! XoXo

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Okay - I'll give you a little background on this story before I dive right in...

I have always been overly obsessed with sports and with athletes. So obsessed that I have athlete "husbands" and "boyfriends". On my list these days are the following:

#4: Boyfriend Adrian Peterson - Obsession began in his OU days
#3: Boyfriend Miles Austin - Ol' Blue Eyes himself
#2: Boyfriend Lebron James - the next Michael Jordan in my book... (and later you'll see that this is a BIG statement for me.)
#1: The "husband" Demarcus Ware - amazing athlete, great role model and amazing family man

So yes, I am crazy. I also grew up in Chicago during the Bulls championship era. Needless to say I grew up worshipping this logo:
Every single morning before school I would sit at our kitchen table, eat my cereal, and razor blade out all Bulls related articles, especially my main man and first athlete husband, Michael Jordan, MJ, Air Jordan, His Airness.. however you would like to address THE man.
Not only is he the most amazing athlete that has roamed the Earth, but he always has portrayed himself as a class act and a great role model (please do not burst my bubble with stories of gambling, women, etc. I have a huge case of denial)

I ate in his restaurant, I wore his cologne (yes, I am serious), I have every article STILL that I cut out and glued on construction paper, I have an autographed basketball, I had a 6 foot cardboard cutout of him in my bedroom... even in high school.
So now to the point:
I was at work today diligently working on my upcoming Vegas meeting when I went to the Aria website to look up the address and stumbled upon a small icon to the left of the page... and literally almost peed my pants I was so excited.
I stumbled upon this.
Yes, folks, this means my ORIGINAL ATHLETE HUSBAND will not only be in Vegas at the same time as me BUT WILL BE STAYING AT THE SAME HOTEL AS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot contain myself.
Last time in Vegas I got a photo with his wax figure... THIS Vegas trip I quite possibly could get a photo with His Airness himself.... OH EMMM GEEEE!

So now that I have publicly explained to you that I am crazy - Wedding Wednesday will be blogged tomorrow... yes, seriously this took precedence over blogging about my fabulous Bridal Shower. :) And that's why you all love me!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Is

Happy Valentine's Day! Not quite my favorite holiday, I personally would prefer that J brings me flowers, gifts or sweet love letters on random days of the year - not that I am complaining about my flowers and card.. that he actually wrote in this year.. quite the step up from last years blank Homer Simpson card...

Valentine's Day 2011: Love is... a little Shrek baby cuddled with her fiance and dog child, amazing wine, Italian take out, movies, and no wedding planning/talk.

But secretly waiting for the next love is...


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

I'm starting to see the light!!

Although my to-do list isn't shrinking, the items on the list as getting smaller and smaller. We still have a lot to do, don't get me wrong.. we are still working on the music and have a meeting with the DJ on the 15th.. I am still working on every word of our ceremony, our meeting with Jerry was postponed until the 22nd due to dear Mr Jack Frost last week.. I have called the lady I would like to do my alterations/bustle, but still dont have a schedule/plan.. I am still trying out make-up artists... and the list goes on and on.

BUT we have decided on our rehearsal dinner venue, our "grooms cake" decision has been made, hair appts/schedule is taken care of, and a lot of the details have gotten accomplished. While doing the details, I have really been enjoying looking at wedding pictures of my family.

Here is my sweet cousin, Danielle and her husband Joe....

She eerily looks like my Nana on her wedding day:
Nana... Danielle... Danielle... Nana... CRAZY resemblance that I had never noticed before until today!

As soon as I got home from Super Bowl on Monday I started stamping, stuffing, and EW, licking our invitations - it was my goal to get them out before I leave for San Fran tomorrow. A few hours later: invitations - DONE!

And dropped in the mail Tuesday morning! This is such a huge relief to me! I have been stressed about getting them out and now its all said and done and people have already been texting me that they have received them... ooooh Happy Day!

What other updates do I have right now? OH! My nakey bridesmaid wont be nakey any more.. we found a dress in Colorado thats the same color and we will have cut and altered to match the other dresses! YAY!

I am really looking forward to my bridal shower on Sunday and spending time with my girls, family and friends. It will be much needed after my GO GO GO past few months. The great news is I am slowing down at work from now until the wedding (well, sort of, I do have a 1800 person meeting in Vegas 2 weeks before the wedding, but if I didnt have that I would more than likely become Bridezilla!) And all the fun stuff is starting - Bridal Shower, DFF Shower, Couples Shower, Bachelorette Party, Bridal Luncheon then THE DAY! So excited about the next 2 months and to share it all with you!

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pizza, Pizza!!

One thing J&I can always agree on is pizza for dinner (lunch or even breakfast for that matter!) We l.o.v.e. it. Pathetically the Dominos we order from knows our order when we call in. 1 medium pepperoni and green pepper and 1 medium sausage and onion. EMBARASSING!

As you can see our taste in pizza is quite opposite, but when we make tortilla pizzas we agree on every topping.

I thought I would share one of our fav and easy dins with you all.

All you need:
- tortillas
- pizza sauce
- mozzarella cheese
- Garlic (YUMMMMM a must in our house!)
- Italian Seasoning
- Your choice in toppings (our favs: sundried tomatoes, onions, yellow, orange, red peppers, fresh basil)

Spread your sauce and garlic, pile on your toppings, cover with cheese and season it up!

Bake at 425* for 12 minutes for crispy goodness! Pour wine and Enjoy!


Monday, February 7, 2011

Fishy Update!

The lucky 7 are still alive and kickin! Let's hope they can survive round 2 of the winter weather this week!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Go Fish!

As most of you know, last spring J and I did a back yard make-over... well, halfway at least. Our "to-do list" is still long, but on pause until 4.16.11 comes and goes.

For J's birthday we attempted to have 3 pretty gold fishies in the pond... Layla destroyed/ate that idea before the poor things were even released into the pond.
One night after dinner at my parents we stopped in at Petsmart and bought 10 27cent fish. I learned from buying my $5 a piece goldfish!

Only 2 I named, knowing better than to get attached to all 10... clearly they werent going to make it... especially if Layla had any say to the situation. "Mo" had a black mohawk down his bright orange body, and Paco - he had a black mustache marking around his lips. Every day we counted how many there were. 7 survived. Lucky seven! Although Mo didnt make it, and he was my favorite... Paco is now leading the school.

J, Ricky, Justin and myself all fed them... every day... the grew and grew and grew. They entertain Layla, who we still catch trying to fish them with her mouth.

Jarrett has become attached to them. The first time it talked about freezing this winter, jarrett immediately asked my dad how to help them survive. Talk of putting them in the guest bath tub was even suggested. But they have survived! All Lucky 7 still going strong.

Now today the low is 13* - Yowzas! And we are deeply concerned about our Lucky 7. Some more than others... J has added water jugs and water bottles to help keep circulation going. As you can see below Layla broke the ice to make sure her friends were still swimming around down there. We have no evidence of whats going on down there....

So friends, please pray our little friends will survive the crazy Ice Storm 2011 aka Ruiner of my Super Bowl week. If they dont make it, we will hold a service next week and you all are invited.

Stay warm & safe sweet friends!

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