Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Go Fish!

As most of you know, last spring J and I did a back yard make-over... well, halfway at least. Our "to-do list" is still long, but on pause until 4.16.11 comes and goes.

For J's birthday we attempted to have 3 pretty gold fishies in the pond... Layla destroyed/ate that idea before the poor things were even released into the pond.
One night after dinner at my parents we stopped in at Petsmart and bought 10 27cent fish. I learned from buying my $5 a piece goldfish!

Only 2 I named, knowing better than to get attached to all 10... clearly they werent going to make it... especially if Layla had any say to the situation. "Mo" had a black mohawk down his bright orange body, and Paco - he had a black mustache marking around his lips. Every day we counted how many there were. 7 survived. Lucky seven! Although Mo didnt make it, and he was my favorite... Paco is now leading the school.

J, Ricky, Justin and myself all fed them... every day... the grew and grew and grew. They entertain Layla, who we still catch trying to fish them with her mouth.

Jarrett has become attached to them. The first time it talked about freezing this winter, jarrett immediately asked my dad how to help them survive. Talk of putting them in the guest bath tub was even suggested. But they have survived! All Lucky 7 still going strong.

Now today the low is 13* - Yowzas! And we are deeply concerned about our Lucky 7. Some more than others... J has added water jugs and water bottles to help keep circulation going. As you can see below Layla broke the ice to make sure her friends were still swimming around down there. We have no evidence of whats going on down there....

So friends, please pray our little friends will survive the crazy Ice Storm 2011 aka Ruiner of my Super Bowl week. If they dont make it, we will hold a service next week and you all are invited.

Stay warm & safe sweet friends!


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