Friday, December 30, 2011

Love is.. with a 2011 Recap Added

As we took down our Christmas Decor this week, I started thinking about the year and all of the crazy exciting things that happened. So I needed to do my Yearly Recap just like last year. So here we go!!!

I got J to wear some Aggie gear & cheer us on in the bowl game!

We celebrated Jenna's birthday with a dance party - clearly appropriate.

There was a Bridal Shower..

hosted by these Beautiful Ladies..

We had a Mardi Gras Couples Shower; hosted by the Cabreras & Tapellas!

I traveld to ATX for my bachelorette party ((& my baby cousin even made it!))

I experienced something very new! hahaha!

We got married!!!

We honeymooned!

J turned 28.

We celebrated 1 month of no smoking ((9 months to celebrate now!))

I helped to host JoJo's Bridal Shower

We fried things :)

I put my love for weddings to work & was a day of coordinator for the first time... hoping to get this really going someday.

Sweet Baby Landon graced the world with his presence..

Jaxx was born!

We saw Marc Broussard

We DIY'd it up

We vacationed to Broken Bow

JoJo's Bachelorette Party

Texas State Fair

J&J got married!

We hosted our first Friendsgiving

The girls celebrated our first favorite things party

We met Pat Green

We celebrated & hosted our First Christmas

So crazy that 2011 has already come and gone.. I still cannot believe that we are married and not just married, but so close to celebrating a year already. Good grief!!! Do you remember when you were in grade school, and a year seemed like eternity? And they always said that it goes by faster as you get older? Well, HO-LY crap!!! They were not kidding.

2012, what could you possible have in store for us? For me, I know you have Scottsdale, Baltimore, San Fran, and Dallas meetings.. For J, I know you have a crazy busy work life. We'll celebrate our anniversary, we'll celebrate J's anniversary of no smoking, we'll be in California to celebrate my cousins wedding, we'll be in Vegas to celebrate Blake & Erin's wedding... but where else will we go? What else will we do?? I have no idea & I cannot wait to see what fills in the gaps!

Happy, HAPPY New Year, sweet friends!!!!!!!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

12 Days of Christmas

I am going to start this post by saying I failed. BIG. Time.

I found on Pinterest this "12 days of Christmas" for your husband... or boyfriend or really whoever.. Every day there was a small gift awaiting J in the morning... according to him, "He looks forward to getting up!" haha and we also got an elf on the shelf... We have not named our sweet friend, we will wait for little D-Ways before we our little friend gets a name, but we figured we could practice with placement... so every day J hid him somewhere.. and every day I got up and looked for the little guy!

J even read me the Elf on the Shelf book....

 And here is where failure ensues.... I was taking pictures with my phone, and my camera... and apparently I have misplaced Day 7... and some of my elf pictures below... womp womp!!!


 12.. Our Day 12 was Christmas Eve.. since we open gifts that day here at the Dway Casa!

So what did J get daily???? Heres the low-down...

- Candy
- Socks
- Michael Buble Christmas CD
- Headlamp Flashlight
- Undershirts
- Ping Pong Table Game
- Favorite Body Wash & Loofa
- Wine & Wine Stoppers
- Favorite Pens and a Notebook
- Quiznos Gift Card
- Back Massager
- Wireless Headset for work (THE big gift)

It was fun and a cute way to give him his gifts... J is a lucky ducky and got some pretty sweet stocking stuffers on top of these goodies... but I guess its because I love him so..

I did tell him that his Elf skills need vast improvement and these moms on Pinterest are really showing him up - The Dway house will bring it next year..... you will see!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sh!t Girls Say...

Jarrett sent me this.. think he's trying to say something??????

If you dont think this is funny, or are thinking "I dont do that" you're lying. ;)


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tis the Season

The week before Christmas was busy.... I am pretty sure that this is the norm for all of you!

Tuesday, I pulled double duty. I had a Ugly Sweater Party with my work girls:

And then J&I headed to McKinney to celebrate some pre-Christmas fun at J&J's

 I love my sister!

There was a white elephant exchange... and J stole the "Forever Lazy". We all laughed; however he has worn this more than once in the house, and is his excuse to be a lazy ass.... he is OUT.OF.CONTROL.

Then everyone got crazy on Justin's new games... love it!

Wednesday we got the living room, kitchen, entry way, master bath and spare bedroom bath painted.... Didnt get pics of all, but here's the before & after gist..

Such a huge difference paint makes! For the next few nights, we were putting our house back to normal and getting things ready for our first Christmas as Husband and Wife and our first Christmas to host our families..

Then all of a sudden it was Birthday Time... eeeshh... Its starting to get rough! The Big 2-8 this year... oh so much closer to thirty.. although I must say it was a great birthday.. the hubs did a great job on surprising me with the prezzies! (MK Watch & Kate Spade "cheers" Necklace!)

Family photo op! ((With my new amazing camera!)

We were at my parents' for an italian meal & celebration.. Lemon Squares for dessert since I hate cake!

Christmas Day - Before everyone got to our house! Merry 1st Christmas Hubby!

J&J got my J ((confused yet??? thankfully I am an "A" to toss into the mix)) a wine holder... I can just see it now... home improvements with his wine strapped around his neck!

This is amazing.

The set-up:

 Love these boys!
 Scott & Debs!
I, per usual failed on picture taking... I was so paranoid that my beef tenderloin was going to overcook ((which would be a HUGE fail)) that I lost track of time, myself, and really, my company. I guess the more family events I host the easier they will get.
I love it though, and I look forward to many many more.
I hope that you and yours had an amazing holiday weekend!

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