Thursday, December 29, 2011

12 Days of Christmas

I am going to start this post by saying I failed. BIG. Time.

I found on Pinterest this "12 days of Christmas" for your husband... or boyfriend or really whoever.. Every day there was a small gift awaiting J in the morning... according to him, "He looks forward to getting up!" haha and we also got an elf on the shelf... We have not named our sweet friend, we will wait for little D-Ways before we our little friend gets a name, but we figured we could practice with placement... so every day J hid him somewhere.. and every day I got up and looked for the little guy!

J even read me the Elf on the Shelf book....

 And here is where failure ensues.... I was taking pictures with my phone, and my camera... and apparently I have misplaced Day 7... and some of my elf pictures below... womp womp!!!


 12.. Our Day 12 was Christmas Eve.. since we open gifts that day here at the Dway Casa!

So what did J get daily???? Heres the low-down...

- Candy
- Socks
- Michael Buble Christmas CD
- Headlamp Flashlight
- Undershirts
- Ping Pong Table Game
- Favorite Body Wash & Loofa
- Wine & Wine Stoppers
- Favorite Pens and a Notebook
- Quiznos Gift Card
- Back Massager
- Wireless Headset for work (THE big gift)

It was fun and a cute way to give him his gifts... J is a lucky ducky and got some pretty sweet stocking stuffers on top of these goodies... but I guess its because I love him so..

I did tell him that his Elf skills need vast improvement and these moms on Pinterest are really showing him up - The Dway house will bring it next year..... you will see!


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