Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Things

J&I have both been so slammed at work, couple that with keeping up with G, it seems like we are continuously chasing tail around here. This weekend was a breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively) we had minimal plans, but the plans we did have were with some of our closest friends/family.

Friday night we hosted Supper Club.. Or we should maybe call it, Mass {Happy} Chaos. Ugh - the 16 people that fill our home are by far some of my most favorite people ever. We have recently started ordering in instead of trying to impress each other with our culinary skills. Funny how things change, right? I was trying to think of something new to get for everyone, and finally decided to bring my Chicago roots back to our favorite friends. Enter - Portillos beef sandwiches. Um - yes. My first stop when I get to Chi every time: Portillos. Delicious.

Also, when did my child become big enough to play on the floor with the 4 older kids and B?! Craziness.

Saturday the weather was beautiful. And we took advantage. Lunch on a patio.

Took G to the park and did his first swing & slide. OMG yall. the laughter on that swing was amazing. And listening to the little girl next to G tell her Grandma that the baby next to her was swinging higher was hilarious.

We visited with my fam (all of them including Poopy, Chara, Nana and Papa) but were home in time for G to do dinner/bath/bed as usual.

It was good for the soul.

Sunday was lazy lazy lazy. I would snuggle this babe for a lifetime if he'd let me.

This week will be just as crazy as last week.. if not crazier. Here's to wishin for the weekend!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Chara's Bride Tribe

This past weekend I was able to celebrate my sister-girl for her Bachelorette Party. It was so fun to celebrate her and although we joke about how annoying my brother is, I love him to pieces and could not imagine a better, more amazing woman than Chara to be his wife. My family is so lucky to have her and literally I wouldn't trade her for anything!

We headed out to Scottsdale for the weekend. It was so funny to hear people ask "Why Scottsdale?" and I didn't really know the answer, but after being there, I would go back a million more times. I really would love for J&I to go. There's outdoorsy things to do during the day, golf, spa & plenty of nightlife to be had. Its on our list, for sure.

Thursday we arrived, got settled and had a relaxing night in.

Friday we got up and headed out to the desert for a tomcar desert tour. This is something totally out of my wheelhouse, but we had THE best time! I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Friday night was our big night out: predrinks, dinner, and out to bars/clubs.

Saturday's moral of the story is: I'm too old for this nonsense.
We went to the spa and I had an amazing massage... but there was a lot of downtime Saturday... Thank.the.Lord!

Saturday night we went to a Craft Brew Fest and had dinner in Old Town.

Can we talk about what an amazing FaceTimer G is?! ugh - my favorite!

Although I had a great time on the trip, getting home and seeing my babe was awesome. Traveling for work vs traveling for fun is just so different.

I didn't know any of the girls except for one before the weekend, but we had the best time & are still all on a group text days later. I cannot wait to see everyone again at the wedding - I know we will have a blast!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Besties III

These two kill me. G reserves all of his belly laughs for Boog. Every morning I ask him "Where's Layla?" and he looks and grunts until she comes over to the bed and he gives her the sweetest smile.

Open mouth kisses are G's favorite. Layla's too, I'm sure.

The mutual love they have for each other melts my heart. I am so thankful for Layla's sweet demeanor and G's opportunity to know her.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lets Eat! 7 Months

I cant tell you how many times I google "___ month old schedule" or "how many ounces should a ___ month old have in a day".

First Time Mom paranoia over here, yall.

To further my random concerns, I am going to throw our current schedule out there for scrutiny. Opinions are welcomed and I am truly writing this to see where is compares to other kiddos. So bring it.... PLEASE!

Weekday Schedule:

7:00 am: Wake/Nurse, get ready for school
10:00 am: 6oz bottle
11:30 am: 2 tablespoons Oatmeal, 2 tablespoons fruit/vegetable
1:00 pm: 6oz bottle
4:00 pm: 6 oz bottle
6:30 pm: Teething cracker while I get his dinner ready, 2 tablespoons oatmeal, 2 tablespoons fruit/veg, sometimes 1/2 container yogurt
Bath post dinner, get ready for bed, book/guitar time
7:30 pm: Nurse then bed 

I have introduced puffs, yogurt melts and water. Water I allow throughout the day as he would like to drink it, but the puffs and yogurt melts are far and few between.

Too much food? On track? Its all so confusing to me!

He is sleeping great at night, bu his day time snoozes are still short. Typically logging (3) 30 minute naps at school. While at home he will nap longer, but only if he is being held. Any suggestions on how to get him to nap better? I am all ears!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Life Lately

Can we talk about this year? I know I mentioned a little while back how crazy random this year has been, sickness, my grandma passing away, and then last week G decided to spike a fever on Wednesday, which put me working from home/caring for our sweet babe.

Before that fun-ness started G&I met his Auntie Yeah Yeah and Auntie Jenna out for some dinner and drinks.

I got this sweetness from school Tuesday morning.

Wednesday G woke with flushed face but when I took his temp, he was normal. Around 2:30 pm I got an email from school saying he had a fever of 99*. I got an appointment at the doc for him since RSV has been going around like wildfire. He tested negative. no ear infections - yay for tubes! But yall, sick babies are the worst. the worst.

The plus side of a sick babe? The cuddles. So many of them.

Finally on Friday morning his fever broke and he was back to my super sweet smiley babe. That night we had a date night with G and his Ladies - a rose for each of them & sweet Valentines for the girls was the perfect way to start to show him how to treat a lady. Teaching 'em young & raising 'em right, ya know?!

Grayson & Baker's wedding slideshow is going to be on point yall. Straight from birth.

We enjoyed the Texas weather - I hope it stays in the 70s. Forever.

G was our cranky Valentine - so out of character for him. So he had an early dinner, bath and bedtime.

I have been working on helping with a 2 year olds birthday party - the things we do.

Thats this past week in a nutshell. Nothing overly exciting but still some cute pics of the little that I needed to share!
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