Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Things

J&I have both been so slammed at work, couple that with keeping up with G, it seems like we are continuously chasing tail around here. This weekend was a breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively) we had minimal plans, but the plans we did have were with some of our closest friends/family.

Friday night we hosted Supper Club.. Or we should maybe call it, Mass {Happy} Chaos. Ugh - the 16 people that fill our home are by far some of my most favorite people ever. We have recently started ordering in instead of trying to impress each other with our culinary skills. Funny how things change, right? I was trying to think of something new to get for everyone, and finally decided to bring my Chicago roots back to our favorite friends. Enter - Portillos beef sandwiches. Um - yes. My first stop when I get to Chi every time: Portillos. Delicious.

Also, when did my child become big enough to play on the floor with the 4 older kids and B?! Craziness.

Saturday the weather was beautiful. And we took advantage. Lunch on a patio.

Took G to the park and did his first swing & slide. OMG yall. the laughter on that swing was amazing. And listening to the little girl next to G tell her Grandma that the baby next to her was swinging higher was hilarious.

We visited with my fam (all of them including Poopy, Chara, Nana and Papa) but were home in time for G to do dinner/bath/bed as usual.

It was good for the soul.

Sunday was lazy lazy lazy. I would snuggle this babe for a lifetime if he'd let me.

This week will be just as crazy as last week.. if not crazier. Here's to wishin for the weekend!

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