Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Life Lately

Can we talk about this year? I know I mentioned a little while back how crazy random this year has been, sickness, my grandma passing away, and then last week G decided to spike a fever on Wednesday, which put me working from home/caring for our sweet babe.

Before that fun-ness started G&I met his Auntie Yeah Yeah and Auntie Jenna out for some dinner and drinks.

I got this sweetness from school Tuesday morning.

Wednesday G woke with flushed face but when I took his temp, he was normal. Around 2:30 pm I got an email from school saying he had a fever of 99*. I got an appointment at the doc for him since RSV has been going around like wildfire. He tested negative. no ear infections - yay for tubes! But yall, sick babies are the worst. the worst.

The plus side of a sick babe? The cuddles. So many of them.

Finally on Friday morning his fever broke and he was back to my super sweet smiley babe. That night we had a date night with G and his Ladies - a rose for each of them & sweet Valentines for the girls was the perfect way to start to show him how to treat a lady. Teaching 'em young & raising 'em right, ya know?!

Grayson & Baker's wedding slideshow is going to be on point yall. Straight from birth.

We enjoyed the Texas weather - I hope it stays in the 70s. Forever.

G was our cranky Valentine - so out of character for him. So he had an early dinner, bath and bedtime.

I have been working on helping with a 2 year olds birthday party - the things we do.

Thats this past week in a nutshell. Nothing overly exciting but still some cute pics of the little that I needed to share!

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