Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Twinkle, twinkle
To me, it truly is the 'most wonderful time of the year', but why is it that lights are not the most wonderful anything, ever?!
Over the weekend we planned on Christmas-fying the outside of the house.
Every year, we usually just do lights on the ground and maybe the biggest tree out front. This year, I was determined that we would have lights on our rooftop. I volunteered to do this since I might have gotten on the roof on 4th of July, and seemed to think it was no biggie.
We got up, got the lights out, bought more lights, and were ready to get to work...

I learned multiple things during this experience.
1. I am, indeed, afraid of heights. I talked big game, but the minute my butt was on our roof, I wanted down. NOW. Without having to move of course. For a minute I think J thought we were going to have a standoff. I literally wouldnt move.
I now know why people pay people to do these things.
2. Our house is much more steep that one would think.
3. These stupid little white things suck. They hurt your fingers. And I dont like them. At all.
Same goes for the stupid spike thingys that I then had to do, so we could outline the ground, since the rooftop thing was an obvious bust.
Womp, womp.
We are still incomplete.... I will share our finished ((safe)) project soon!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bacon Wrapped Dates

Bacon Wrapped Dates
with Almond & Goat Cheese
Quite a while back, I went to a wedding for my boss-lady & we all got together at one of my co-workers' house prior. I was happily munching on a pimento cheese spread, along with a bacon wrapped something. It was sweet, cheesy & nutty. It was gooood. Finally I asked what it was - a bacon wrapped date.. hmmm?? ok!?
Just a few weekends ago, J&I hosted  supper club and I really wanted to re-create this bacon wrapped date. I am not sure of how Kasey created hers, but I put this together after talking with some of the girls in the office (major plus of working with all women; awesome recipes).
Mom - earmuffs please....
Please pardon my photo.. I didnt take pictures at Supper Club and I made these again for Thanksgiving and didnt take a picture again... so I had my lovely mommy take a quick pic for me..... I know you eat with your eyes first, but please trust me that these are delish!
1 package of dried pitted dates
Goat Cheese
- Preheat the oven to 400*
- Make a slice into the date, stuff with 1 almond and about 1 teaspoon of goat cheese. (I used my hands)
- Wrap 1/3 of a bacon strip around the date and secure with a toothpick.
- Arrange in a shallow baking dish.
- Bake for 15 - 20 minutes; or the bacon is to your desired crispy
- Serve immediately

Monday, November 26, 2012

Raider, Power!

Why does it always seem like long weekends go by so quickly.. and when dreaded Monday comes around going back to work seems like the worst.thing.ever.
I'll put aside all my b*tching, but just for you.
I didn't want to disappoint you, and actually take pictures on Thanksgiving when I was with all of our loved ones to share. I have 2. Both of which have zero people in them. Sorry friends.
Texas wanted to appear that it was cold. It was not.
A few of these guys, made my Thanksgiving wonderful
I'm not much of one for lines. Nor going out in public after a few too many of those drinkys above. So I cant say that I partook in Black Friday-ness, but I can say that this is the first year that I even went out shopping. But only because I needed red. How does my closet not already own something red??? And why does that fact of when you are looking for something in particular you cant find it have to always apply?!
You can rest your head well tonight knowing I did finally find something red for our J3A Saturday.
Almost yearly we go to a Texas Tech game to support my hubby's alma mater. Its always a great time & I try to let my Aggie pride not show ((Although I always wear Aggie panties and my Aggie ring - TMI, I know))

We strayed a bit from the usual menu - I made my chili and we had frito-pies. It was perfect!

JoJo & I were in heaven with our pickles!
The outcome of the game wasnt what we wanted, but it was still fun!
I hope you all had just as great of a weekend! Happy Monday!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving!
Today is a favorite of the year, for sure. Family, Food, & Football. You know this girl is, SOLD!
All over facebook people have been doing something they are thankful for every day.. Last year I did a series of "Thankful Thursdays" all random things I was thankful for, this year I just want to touch on four main things I am thankful for this year...
1. My job. I love traveling. I love the girls I work with. I love the challenge. I love seeing the success of hard work. I am blessed to have been a part of DFF for 5 years already & am looking forward to the years to come!
2. Great friends. As you get older, you start to realize that the amount of friends doesnt matter, it really is about the quality. Who knew your parents were right all along?! I am thankful for my good girlfriends. For Heather. For Amber. For my oldest guy friends (Matt & Scott - even if you irritate the crap out of me). But I am most thankful for our supper club friends. They are simply amazing & keep me going sometimes.

3. Family. I say it all the time my family is the best. I have the most wonderful parents, who double as my best friends. My mom is amazing and my dad is always honest with me. Shoe dilemma - dad knows the answer. He helped me pick my work headshot too... He never fails. My brother makes me laugh like no one else. My grandparents are wonderful. My aunts uncles and cousins are all a blast. I also have been blessed with amazing in-laws. My mother and father in-law are both amazing and always ready to do something fun. My brother in-law aka Mr Responsible is always a good time & thanks to him, I get a sisterrrrr. Not much not to love. These people are my rocks!

5. The Hubs. My bestest friend, soulmate, and my true partner in life. No one can make me smile the way you do - I love you!
I hope you enjoy your family & remember all the things you are thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ahoy, It's a Boy!

Baby Jacob is due just days after the twins real due date, so it was more than appropriate to host Diana's brunch baby shower the same weekend.
Kelley, from Kelley Strout Photography, documented the day ((Thanks for dedicating the weekend to us, girl!))
All the small details made this shower so perfect! Jenn made the diaper boat, and the oh-so-talented Jacqueline made the CUTE cupcakes!

Chris' sister, Alexis and her husband made Jacob the cutest name blocks!

We also did a "Dear Jacob" card.. everything filled out their wishes for sweet Baby Jacob!

Its obvious that Jacob & mommy are really loved - Diana had such a great turnout of people to celebrate with her!

Lots of presents!

&& one final pic of all the hostesses with Diana.
We had so much fun planning this shower & I know that we all cannot wait to meet Jacob in just about a month!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sugar & Spice

&&& Everything Nice... 
That's what little girls are made of.

I finally have the baby girls' shower to share! My dear friend, Kelley from Kelley Strout Photography took all of these photos for us!
 Sugar & Spice.. both which I don't doubt that Parker and Jolie with both be full of!

We did a headband bar - these little babes should be set on headbands for a while..  

Prezzies for little girls are so cute! & pink! &frilly! no complaints from the momma - I can guarantee that!

 The people... Everyone just adores the momma-to-be!

The hostess with Amber... We love her (&those babes, oh so much!!!) We cant wait to meet Parker and Jolie soon!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Favorite Thigs: Ornaments

I have a serious love for ornaments. I  get a new little guy any chance that I get... well, maybe not every, since J would kill me and we wouldnt have any more room on our tree!
This weekend the house has been changing from fall to Christmas... lets just say, its total choas a work in progress! I was able to get the tree up. This task is one of my favorite of the season. I love remembering where ornaments are from and the story behind them.
I did this blog a couple of years ago, and thought it would be fun to try it again.
Here are my favorite five ornaments:
(Going clockwise)
1. Disneyland! This is from our San Diego/LA trip late this summer. It was so fun to be a kid with my hubs & to also spend time with my mini-me cousin... just nothing to not like about this one, I mean, all things aside its Disney!!
2. This ornament is made out of our wedding invitation... I will probably cherish this ornament forever.
3. The fork! I love my supper club peeps... They are the best friends J&I could ask for and I love every time we get together
4. This one doesnt necessarily have a warm and fuzzy factor, but to me this encompasses the warm & fuzzy about Christmas. I cant wait (well, I can wait - but you get what I mean) to have kids to share this time of year with. So much to be thankful for and so much love to share!
5. Our anniversary trip to San Antonio. We had so much fun exploring a new city & its the first milestone of many together!
J's favorites, you ask? Here you go!
1. It was my first time to Disneyland & it was a lot of fun.
2. It represents the day I married my beautiful wife and soulmate. & BFF for ever
3. I love beer.

4. Its the first ornament I had & has made it 29 years without breaking.
5. Its the only ornament on the tree that I have not been to the city. My wife picked it up without me and it is offensive. Even though it is shaped like a s'more it does not justify the purchase.

Geeeeez, think he's bitter much about my St Louis ornament?! I love that mine have stories, his are simple statements. I guess thats a man and woman for you though!

Do you have a family tradition to remember the places you have been? Have a favorite ornament? I'd love to hear about it!

Friday, November 16, 2012

It's Friday!

This week was a little crazy in DC, so no official high five for Friday for me (with pics and stories)... But I will give you the top five...
1. DC - love this city
2. Jaleo
4. Oyamel
5. Work friends

Yep, fat kids right here :) Looking forward to the weekend - Supper Club & the house turning from Fall to Christmas - my absolute FAVORITE time of the year!


Monday, November 12, 2012

J&P: Wedding Weekend

It's official! Jenna & Philip are Mr & Mrs Philip Thomas! EEK!  This weekend was one we all had been waiting for - to catch up on other J&P events click here, here, here & here.
It was a busy & fun weekend - here's just a small glimpse for you!
The bridal luncheon was held on Friday at Beautitudes. It was the perfect, girly venue, inclusive of trasitional tea for our friends from the other side of the pond!
Philip's grandmother gave Jenna the sweetest heirloom locket with a picture of Philip inside - absolutely precious!
That evening we had the rehearsal and dinner at Blue Mesa. One word: Yum!

We all participated in an English tradition of crackers... && we sported our crowns for the rest of the evening :)

After the bride & groom said good-bye, the girls went out for some "Last night as an Avery" bevies.
The BIG day started early - getting our hair done at Drybar followed by make-up at the hotel... and maybe a few too many Buck's Fizz, or as us Americans call them, mimosas

I dont have any ceremony pictures to share... my husband did a major fail.. I think on purpose, but I can assure you that the ceremony was beautiful and quite a few tears were shed by pretty much everyone in the chapel!
&& then, it was time to get our party on

If you know me, or anyone in this group, you know that the party didnt stop there. We shut down the hotel bar, anyone surprised????!

Congratulations Mr&Mrs Thomas! We love yall!

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