Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sugar & Spice

&&& Everything Nice... 
That's what little girls are made of.

I finally have the baby girls' shower to share! My dear friend, Kelley from Kelley Strout Photography took all of these photos for us!
 Sugar & Spice.. both which I don't doubt that Parker and Jolie with both be full of!

We did a headband bar - these little babes should be set on headbands for a while..  

Prezzies for little girls are so cute! & pink! &frilly! no complaints from the momma - I can guarantee that!

 The people... Everyone just adores the momma-to-be!

The hostess with Amber... We love her (&those babes, oh so much!!!) We cant wait to meet Parker and Jolie soon!



  1. Love Love Love!! And I just adore you so much for all your efforts:) Can we talk about how small my belly looks here compared to now? hahahaha

  2. I found your blog through Pinterest. Love it! And I love this baby shower. So cute! And so many great ideas. I was just wondering how y'all set up the "headband bar." I'm co-hosting a baby shower soon. And I'd love to do this. Did you just buy lots of headbands and flowers? And then let people put them together?

    1. Hi there! This is definitely one of my favorite parties/showers I have done! I found the headbands at hobby lobby and on etsy. For the flowers, I bought some on etsy, as well as made some with my sister in law. There are a ton of tutorials on Pinterest - they are easier than you think! Then we got random embellishments - pearls, buttons, etc. then everyone mixed and matched. It's a great way to build a headband stock!


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