Monday, November 19, 2012

Favorite Thigs: Ornaments

I have a serious love for ornaments. I  get a new little guy any chance that I get... well, maybe not every, since J would kill me and we wouldnt have any more room on our tree!
This weekend the house has been changing from fall to Christmas... lets just say, its total choas a work in progress! I was able to get the tree up. This task is one of my favorite of the season. I love remembering where ornaments are from and the story behind them.
I did this blog a couple of years ago, and thought it would be fun to try it again.
Here are my favorite five ornaments:
(Going clockwise)
1. Disneyland! This is from our San Diego/LA trip late this summer. It was so fun to be a kid with my hubs & to also spend time with my mini-me cousin... just nothing to not like about this one, I mean, all things aside its Disney!!
2. This ornament is made out of our wedding invitation... I will probably cherish this ornament forever.
3. The fork! I love my supper club peeps... They are the best friends J&I could ask for and I love every time we get together
4. This one doesnt necessarily have a warm and fuzzy factor, but to me this encompasses the warm & fuzzy about Christmas. I cant wait (well, I can wait - but you get what I mean) to have kids to share this time of year with. So much to be thankful for and so much love to share!
5. Our anniversary trip to San Antonio. We had so much fun exploring a new city & its the first milestone of many together!
J's favorites, you ask? Here you go!
1. It was my first time to Disneyland & it was a lot of fun.
2. It represents the day I married my beautiful wife and soulmate. & BFF for ever
3. I love beer.

4. Its the first ornament I had & has made it 29 years without breaking.
5. Its the only ornament on the tree that I have not been to the city. My wife picked it up without me and it is offensive. Even though it is shaped like a s'more it does not justify the purchase.

Geeeeez, think he's bitter much about my St Louis ornament?! I love that mine have stories, his are simple statements. I guess thats a man and woman for you though!

Do you have a family tradition to remember the places you have been? Have a favorite ornament? I'd love to hear about it!

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