Friday, November 9, 2012

High Five for Friday (11.9.2012)

Helllooooo Friday! Its been quite a busy week, but this weekend promises loads of fun and I am really looking forward to it!
Linking up with Lauren this week, as always!
1. Family time... I love these peeps and was so glad to spend the weekend with them!
2. Tuesday I got to spend with my favorite girls (Amber, Jacqueline, & Diana). We all met at the Masseys, ate dinner and "helped" put away the girls' clothes and organize.. really I think it was just an excuse for us to girl talk and laugh, a lot.
3. J&I actually got to go to lunch together this week. For those who dont know, this is how J&I started "dating-ish".. the good old lunch date. So confusing. HA! But the good news is, we finally dropped the "ish" once he took me out for a dinner and here we are 3 years later happily married, (now, in unison - AWWWWWWW)
Real fancy, huh?
4. My friend Kelley got tickys to the Mavs game from work - her perks are unreal. So I convinced J a night out mid-week was a good thing and we enjoyed the Coors Light suite for the evening!
5. Its here! Jenna & Philip's wedding!! So excited for these two and cannot wait to be part of their special day!
We will definitely be pulling out our dancing shoes this weekend - I hope yours is equally great!


  1. so many cute baby clothes!! have fun at the wedding!!!

  2. What a fun week for you!! I loved our Tuesday date night:) love you!

  3. oh little baby girl clothes are the best!! i love my son, but I sure miss shopping in the pink department when his sister was a babe :)


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