Sunday, October 31, 2010

Budapest, Hungary

I am home from my first overseas program - and am oh-so-tired and my legs are oh-so-sore! ha! We had an amazing program with little to no problems.. unfortunately we didnt get to get out and about in Budapest this past week, but I was able to capture quite a few pictures of the Castle District (where we were staying)

View of the church from my room:
Parlament view from my room:

Coke! How I got through the week :)

This church was absolutely gorgeous:

Parlament in the background:

For some reason I love this door!

The view of the Buda side from the Citadella (where we had our off-site dinner)

Overall, an awesome experience - the travel kills me, but I'll get used to it! Or I guess, I better considering Kuala Lampur is twice as long to get to! San Fran on Thursday... then a 2 week break before Raliegh/Durham for 2 weeks.... yikers. The year wont be slowing down!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

No Need for My Easy Bake Oven

This weekend was one of the laziest we have had since I can remember. Saturday, the only time I left the house was to go to the grocery store to get things for lunches, dinners, for J to eat while I am gone and the ingredients to make S'more Cupcakes (THANK YOU Erika for inspiring me!)

When Jarrett and I had first started dating I attempted to bake cookies, brownies, cupcakes - you name it - I tried to bake it - ALL epic failures!!! So J had bought me an Easy Bake Oven last year for Christmas thinking he was hilarious. Saturday I was inspired by a picture Erika had posted on facebook of S'more Cupcakes. I thought to myself - this is the PERFECT time to redeem myself to Jarrett. He has an obsession with s'mores and he loves his sweets.

Mixing up the chocolate and vanilla batters...

So far... looks like success!!!
Made them all kinds of pretty...

I got to use my new dessert plates!

The true test was just minutes away... I was already fist pumping at my success, but J kept reminding me that looks can be deceiving... He took a first cautious bite, but below is the second bite with a BIG thumbs up!!!!
Then we both fist pumped my success :)
This morning we got up to go have brunch at Blue Mesa, while we were getting ready Little Miss Layla Love came strolling into our bedroom, licking her chops.. Jarrett immediately said she ate a cupcake, but I thought there was no way she could reach them, let alone successfully stealing one without a single noise!
See something wrong with this picture?
Layla enjoyed herself a S'more cupcake for breakfast (thankfully she left the tinfoil on the floor) and had to do time for her crime... for some reason, I feel like she thinks it was worth it!
Off to Budapest tomorrow - hope to get some pictures to share!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Yard Nazi

We were supposed to do our engagement pictures on Wednesday.... but sweet J accidentally scheduled a conference call right in the middle of it, so we have re-scheduled for November... I still took the day off, and J took a half day.

We got our save the dates designed and ordered, and headed out for lunch then Calloways to get some color for the yard!

Ready to start our project:
Such a beautiful day!

Ever since Jarrett and our parents started the landscaping project last spring (a very ongoing project) J seems to believe that he knows anything and everything about technique and design in the yard - hence "The Yard Nazi"

I had already potted a plant... this is him giving me lessons on how to do so...
The end result for out front :)
The beds out front on the walkway...

L.O.V.E the yellow flowers! (shocking!)

My friend I told J i was going to bake into his pizza if he didnt stop telling me what to do! ;)

The pond with some flowers added:

These flowers are so pretty they look fake!

Our "fall" theme out back

Bats in the kitchen!

The "plan" for this weekend was to relax, work in the house, and do some more things in the yard (mulch, water, trim, etc.)

Luckily for me (not so fortunate for The Yard Nazi) the forecast is rain, rain & more rain!

A weekend of relaxation, cooking, baking and QT with the leetle fam is in store... 2 days until I leave for Budapest.....

Sunday, October 17, 2010

BUSY Weekend!

This weekend was jam-packed just like every one lately - but SO FUN!

Friday night was our usual - stay home and relax! type of night - we watched the Rangers game, cooked dinner and just hung out with our little fam.. Saturday I was up and at 'em at 6:00 am for the Race for the Cure with my beautiful friend Fanitsa! I am so glad I signed up and did this great fundraiser with her - totally worth it!

Hopefully this will be the beginning of my 5k experience! Wedding diet/workout plan needs to go into full effect ASAP! ha!

Saturday Night Justin and JoJo hosted a Housewarming party that was abslutely PERFECT!! It was so much fun and decorated so cute! They had everyone bring pizza toppings and we had samplings of all different types - Delish!!!

Super cute table spread out back!

L.O.V.E.D. the mason jars as glasses and the chalk board signs - so creative!

My Love:
Some of my favorite ladies - Miss Jenna B and Diana!

The Hostesses with the Mostesses ;)

Sunday Funday! Our favorite day - J went golfing in the morning with Chris and Branden - I did some cleaning, worked and did some weddign research - but then we had a Cowboys date with the Masseys at Buffalo Wild Wings. We absolutely LOVE our time with such a great couple and after everytime we hang out remember why they are such fabulous friends!

Love this lady!

After out B-Dubs date we headed home for a bit of family time...

Booger is a thirsty girl -

And of course Dad and her played after he was done watering -

Such an innocent face - THANK goodness we know much BETTER!

Such a great weekend - Let's bring on the week! Loves!


Playing Catch Up!

I got home last Friday from back to back meetings (Boston for 5 days, home for 2 days, then San Diego for 7 days) Needless to say I was a bit exhausted, but we had such a fun weekend planned - I just kept pushing through (foreshadowing to how I got sick!)

Saturday J3A was re-united for a day of Texas Tech football and a day at the Texas State Fair. We rode the Dart out to the fair grounds, did a bit of tailgating...

Love these 2!
Now - I received a lot of crap for wearing this outfit; HOWEVER - I feel like it's important for me to support J (even if he attended the wrong college - he cant help it! he was raised a Red Raider! ;) ) I will NEVER EVER EVER wear Tech gear on A&M v Tech game day, but I dont mind doning the hideous color one game of the season - but DO keep in mind I had my Aggie ring on AND aggie panties - therefore not truly converting.. Our house may be divided but we support each other every day of the year except for 1! :) And anyways... even my Aggie friends must admit - the dress is cute!

Totally l.o.v.e this woman!

Into the game we went - we had great seats, right on the 50 yard line... you just had to hope the play was never directly behind that one DANG pillar!

After a Red Raider WIN we set out to enjoy beers, gyros, turkey legs, dippin dots, and lots of fried goodies!

The Boys clearly miss each other now that we arent all living together any more:
J3A in full effect

Sunday it was off to the Cowboys Game with Philip and Jenna B (right after our family photo shoot with JoJo)
We of course got our tailgate on and Enjoyed good old Cowboys Stadium despite the Cowboys loss....

Overall, I SUPER fun, jam-packed, weekend! It definitely caught up to me though on top of traveling... this whole past week, poor Jarrett has listened to me say "I no feeel gooooood" anytime I thought he might be listening. But I am getting back to my normal self now.

I'll post again about this weekend sometime this week - we have had another great one and have another busy week up ahead... Budapest, Hungary is on my books a week from Monday - lots to do!


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