Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Operation Lamps: Complete

One more project - Done!! We are getting so close to having the house where we want it..minus a few prrojects that will just have to wait until after the wedding.

I found the perfect lamp for our bedroom - yes! Only one BUT thanks to Debs for finding the match to my "perfect" lamp!

And we just completed the living room today.... Minus that God awful burgandy chair... fingers crossed gets replaced with a BEAU-tiful cream chair with ottoman - ha!

Of course nothing can happen easily. When I was moving one of the old lamps from the living room the glass shade completely fell off and BUSTED all over the floor!!!
I guess we are lucky that we LOVE the replacement because I dont think we had much of a choice at this point!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Engagement Party Time!

Life is a bit crazy at our house these days.. I am traveling a lot more, and as yall all know we are doing a lot around the house. We finally found time to celebrate our engagement with close friends and family a few weekends ago.

Our parents were so gracious to set the whole thing up and it was PERFECT! Low key and fun, exactly what I needed after getting off program that day. We had about 50 people at my parents house - it was fabulous!
Super Cute Cake:
Happy happy...
Dads with J's uncle, Jerry

My pretty Mom

J, his momma, Justin and JoJo

All of my girls... old friends, new friends.. all fabulous!

My MOHs (couldnt survive without them! also... please excuse my whiteness. I was in a hotel for 5 days prior to the party with no windows or fresh air... yes, thats right... feel sorry for me ;) ha!)All of my ladies (minue Amber) Jordan, Heather, Katie, Jenna and Lorin

During our parents speeches:So thankful to our parents for such a great party! We are so lucky to have such supportive friends and family. We cannot wait to share all of our precious times ahead with everyone! Loves!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Hamburgler!

At our house we love football season Sundays! Its all about the Cowboys, bbq-ing and napping. L-O-V-E it! Especially after an action packed weekend like this one (Kayla & Joe's Wedding Weekend!)

Our first perfect Sunday of the year was in full swing - I was Cowboy geared out and making burgers:

Even Booger got dressed up:

Love this man! Especially on this day!

The final product - Yummersssssssss

As you saw above there were three burgers... I am still learning how to cook for two! After the cowboys game was over and we were in food coma. J took Layla outside and I layed down for a little nap before Supper Club at the Tapellas. J and Layla came in and J layed down with me. First question to him was "Is that burger within reach?" Answer: "yep." J jumped up and went to the kitchen... 3rd burger = gone. Within a LITERAL minute. Not a trace, not a noise. Nothin.

The culprit: A very full and satisfied Layla.

She's getting awfully sneaky - looks like we are going to have to stay on our toes with her!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Changes, changes, changes

After a loooong week at the Anatole I came home to a CLEAN house, yummy yellow flowers everywhere and NEW chandeliers in both the dining room and kitchen!
The UH-Mazing chandelier in the dining room (Took J hourssss to put together!)
The kitchen pendant light....
AND one of the rugs I ordered came in while I was gone:
My Dad had planned on coming over on Saturday to help us paint the dining room furniture. Here is the room Before:J washing the furniture ...Layla is clearly helping :)

Setting up to transform everything from off-white to dark brown

Scotty Potty getting to w.o.r.k.

Everything drying nicely:


For anyone who knows my dad... one project is certainly not enough for a day, so he and J did the under cabinet lighting - it looks awesome!

Next up! Operation Lamps :)


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