Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Hamburgler!

At our house we love football season Sundays! Its all about the Cowboys, bbq-ing and napping. L-O-V-E it! Especially after an action packed weekend like this one (Kayla & Joe's Wedding Weekend!)

Our first perfect Sunday of the year was in full swing - I was Cowboy geared out and making burgers:

Even Booger got dressed up:

Love this man! Especially on this day!

The final product - Yummersssssssss

As you saw above there were three burgers... I am still learning how to cook for two! After the cowboys game was over and we were in food coma. J took Layla outside and I layed down for a little nap before Supper Club at the Tapellas. J and Layla came in and J layed down with me. First question to him was "Is that burger within reach?" Answer: "yep." J jumped up and went to the kitchen... 3rd burger = gone. Within a LITERAL minute. Not a trace, not a noise. Nothin.

The culprit: A very full and satisfied Layla.

She's getting awfully sneaky - looks like we are going to have to stay on our toes with her!

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