Monday, August 26, 2013

((Minimal)) Weekend Things & lots of JT love

Why, oh whyyyyy is it already Monday? But I will quit my whining since a looooong, fun weekend is coming...

This weekend could possibly go down in history as the most boring, most lazy weekend ever, thanks to the Hubs. If I don't have a packed agenda for him, good luck getting him to shower let alone leave the bed/couch. Ugh. But I think all of my complaining will get him to put more pep in his step (plus I will not be giving him downtime moving forward, so there!)

Just a warning to those who follow me on IG - get ready for some repeats! Continuing with my pictures failures this weekend.

The only super fun thing we did do, was restaurant week with the bestests. 2 years ago we went to Stephen Pyles with Amber & Jordan so it was only appropriate to try out the new Stephen Pyles restaurant Stampede 66. Let me tell you peeps... it was so yummy!

Prickly-Pear Margaritas... which were frozen with liquid nitrogen... TABLESIDE. Excuse me?! That had my name (& Amber's) written all over it... I might have had two, oops!

To my husband's not-so-liking we went out in uptown for a few bevies.. don't be fooled, we were on our way home welllll before midnight. Party poopers.

I am overly excited for football season to be starting.. this means fall is coming & most importantly my favorite month - October, Texas weather in October?! Cant beat it- We watched the Cowboys Saturday night.. clearly Layla caught whatever lazy-bug J had this weekend.

Bribery is one of the best tools I have learned since being married. ((I'll be a great mom someday, huh?!)) I was hell-bent to get out of the house on Sunday... how to do that? Make the activity involve ice cream.

I swear he was much more excited about it than he appears..

mmmm Shakes! Takes me back (WAAAAAY back) to my college days. So yummy and zero calories... Shhhh, don't ruin it!
So I was all worried about this whole blogging again thing and how boring my posts were going to be... Cue the MTV Music Awards. Goldmine.
First off, the sole reason I watched these for the first time in about 10 years was for the N SYNC reunion rumors and of course, my love for Justin Timberlake ::swoon::
Let me paint a picture of me circa 1998 - freshman in high school my room had a Michael Jordan cutout (like the 6 feet tall kind) and framed Justin Timberlake posters. Weird combo? Not for this girl. I went to several concerts... even in different states.. dont hate!
Fast forward to freshman year in college, JT went solo, and his first CD was on repeat in our dorm room. All day. All night. & yes I said CD - this was well before the world of iPods.
I think that we can all agree that he has gotten much more handsome with age.. Oh heeeey!
Although the NSYNC portion of JT's performance was probably the most sad (his dance moves had to slow down for the others... and well... we all know why he went solo..) it was still really fun to see them all up there together. His performance also made me fall in love all over again.
  • Looked for concert tickets. guilty.
  • Concert is sold out. Looked on Craigs List. guilty.
  • Willing to pay whatever it takes to get good seats. guilty.
  • Willing to have this be on of my birthday/Christmas gifts. guilty.
  • Listened to JT all day at work. guilty.
  • Pre-ordered vol.2 of 20/20. guilty.
So what if I am reverting back to my 14 year old self right before I turn 30... I can guaran-damn-tee it that every girl my age is doing the same thing. Or are in serious denial.
I leave you with the best performance known to man:

Friday, August 23, 2013

Super Random Things

I figured the best way to finish catching you up on life the past few months, was to show you the random things that didn't really deserve their own posts..
1. Baby Tapella is a girl!! (I am aware that this pic does not show the balloons, but Jacqueline's face is too precious not to share!
2. I got the Miracurl and I can finally curl my own hair... sweeeeet!
3. We hosted supper club & made this recipe. I very highly suggest it.
4. I spent some serious times with these babes ((& their momma))

5. Spoiled My Boog with walks, playtime and snuggles

6. If you live in the North Texas area. Whiskey Cake. Do it. Brunch. Lunch. Happy Hour. Dinner. Its all good.
7. I've started working out. I hate it.
8. Layla turned 6; Cake and cookies from Three Dog Bakery
9. I spent some time with the bestie
10. Eat this. Seriously. I suggest with celery.
11. We finished the dining room ((Details to come next week))
That's about it... now we are all caught up and we can be normal friends again :) Happy weekend yall!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Baseball Season

This girl: Rangers Obsessed.

I would literally go to every game if I could. Well, let me take that back, I would go to every night game if I could.

I've only been to three this season, but hoping to squeeze a few more in before its over!

As you know I went to the Opening Day game.

And I also went with my work girls:

We also went with our supper club faves - Babies first game

 Who wants to go to a game??? SOON?!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chi Town

So you may (or may not) remember that on my 2013 New Years Resolutions traveling to Chicago was on there. After a whole lot of pestering from me, J agreed to go for 4th of July.
This post will show that my picture taking skills have seriously declined over time and I wasn't fibbing the other day.
We had a wonderful time - took in the city, ate LOTS of delicious food and just enjoyed my "hometown"... cannot wait to go back again!
First stop: Portillo's. ALWAYS. ((My mouth is literally watering typing this))

The best thing we did the whole trip was the river boat tour. It was a beautiful day, we got to hear some Chicago history and even better, it was a booze cruise. Sold.

the bean!

We got rained on a bit but still enjoyed walking around Lake Michigan

Heaven forbid we miss out on some Chicago Style pizza!

As a kid I loved the Shedd Aquarium, and as an adult its what I compare every aquarium to, and it did not disappoint!

We took in a cubbies game - One of my co-workers, Marion, just so happened to be in town at the same time and we met up before the game & later that night. So fun!

Please pardon the beer stain on my dress... compliments of my hubby!

We bought a city pass for our trip and it was by far one of the best things that we did. We got to skip lines and it made it so much easier! We still have so many things to do in the city, we need to start planning our next trip back!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Kinda Awkward

Its been so long since I have truly updated this blog, that I don't even know where to start... No I have no real excuse for my absence... But I will try to give some anyway.. I've been busy? Not really..  I've been a total failure at taking pictures (super true) I've been reading? (Not good enough?) Well, I guess the truth is I just haven't felt like life has been exciting enough to report about? But... my mother pointed out yesterday how I have neglected this little baby, and I do have pictures to share if nothing else..
So, the easiest thing to start with is this past weekend! Then I will catch you up on other things that have been happening.
This last week was Dallas Restaurant Week - basically really great restaurants have a fixed menu for $35 and a portion goes to charity. Its a great way to try new places, or go back to old favorites and still supporting a cause. 
Thursday we went to Hibiscus with my in-laws.. picture fail, but the meal was delicious and the company was wonderful! It is one of my favorite restaurants, and so glad that it didn't disappoint with a fixed menu.
Friday it was girls night, and we went to Eddie V's. J&I had gone there for our anniversary and I wasn't all that impressed; however this visit totally made up for that experience. The food was amazing, and our waiter could not have been better. To quote Whit "He was the best server I've had in my life" and she used to be a server, so it means something.

I hadn't been out with the ladies in quite a while, so it was a great excuse to catch up & laugh until I cried.
Saturday J&I babysat the bestest's sweet babes.
This was Uncle J's first official babysitting job - He gets a C... minus.
We played:
We smelled Uncle J's nasty shoes:
We Bathed:
We acted like gangsters:
& then we went night night... This is where that C- comes in....Uncle J thought it would be funny to creepily sing "Hush little baby, don't you cry" over the baby monitors and woke you sweet girls up.... Screaming. An hour later Auntie Ashley had them back down for the night and I found Uncle J like this:
So really, he should have gotten a D. But I will be forgiving since he's a first timer.
Sunday we had family dinner with my parents (picture fail) See, I'm telling ya, who wants to read blog posts without pictures... eeesh, I will get better again, I promise.
We did stop by the Cabreras for a minute and I got to love on this sweet boy.
I love baby-filled weekends!
Hope your weekend was equally as happy!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

30 Before 30 Update (July)


1. Go Ice Skating

2. Roll my own sushi

3. Create a cookbook of favorite recipes I've at least started compiling recipes on a Pinterest Board so I will be able to easily gather the recipes... One small step?

5. Successfully bake at least 1 dessert

6. Complete a 5k

7. Do a grape stomp

8. Send at least 12 hand-written notes/cards/random gifts
- (2) April
- (2) July
9. Have 4 day/night dates with my momma
- Had a date day with Nana & My Mom for Nana's birthday. (April)
10. Volunteer at least twice

13. Read at least 12 books this year
-1. Bridesmaid Lotto
-2. Gamble on Engagement
-3. The Wedding Wager
-4. Savannah Blues
-5. Spring Fever
-6. Touch & Go
-7. Dark Places
-8. Ladies Night

July: (you could say I had some extra time on my hands this month...)
-9. Revenge Wears Prada (LOVED! Only took 4 days to complete... and a plane ride, but whatever!)
-10. Wedding Night Super easy read (ok? not a fave)
-11. The Perfect Husband (the same author as Touch & Go; it was scary-ish!)

14. Have a picnic

16. Buy bikes and ride often

Well, we got bikes, but aren't really nailing the "riding often" part... working on it!

17. Go rock climbing

18. Bowl over 150

20. Go to a movie alone

21. Go camping

22. Make homemade pasta

23. Do 5 kind things for strangers
- One kind thing accomplished (April)
- Another kind thing accomplished (June)
24. Write our will

25. Ride a train

26. Girls only vacation/trip

27. Learn sign language

28. See a meteor shower
29. See 3 movies in a theatre with my hubby
-1 - The Croods
-2 - Monsters University & Now you See Me

30. Try a new fruit or vegetable
- Okra
- I one upped this... and tried something super new. Soft Shell Crab - not on the yummy list that's for sure!

BONUS: Indoor Skydiving
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