Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Better Late than Never

This weekend's wrap-up is a few days overdue, but they say its better late than never, right??
Friday night we decided to tackle one of my 30 before 30 by building a fort & watching a cartoon movie.
Where did this item on the list come from? I literally have no idea. I used to love forts. When I babysat I always made forts, and well, I am still just a big kid. However, this fort was made for grown-ups. Inclusive of a mattress (so our old bodies are not laying on the floor, heaven knows if I would have been able to get up) as well as a wine table (for the obvious, of course) We watched Finding Nemo since the hubs has never seen & I will pretty much watch any Disney or Pixar movie over and over again..

We even fell asleep in the fort - I will confess to waking up at 4:00 am, crawling out & getting into our real bed.

Saturday I was treated to a spa day, thanks to my fabulous Mother&Father-in-law. Soft Touch is fabulous, and I have said it before, if you live the the DFW area, you need to see Luz for an amazing massage and Jenna for a fabulous facial.. best way to spend the day in my opinion!

Supper Club is finally all back together & in quite a new way..

So fun to have all the kiddos together & I know Landon cant wait for his friends to be big enough to play with him!

It was make your own pizza night - so fun & delicious! 
Sunday morning we had a J3A brunch date at Mattito's with Justin & Jordan
My parents do a "Sunday Dinner" every week and have my grandparents over. It used to be a favorite when I lived at home. J&I joined in on Sunday Dinner this week & I showed off my new scarf from Zak&Chara.

Pretty great weekend && looking forward to this coming weekend! Hope yours was just as good!


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