Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pure Randomness

Sunglasses - J got a giftcard for Christmas to get new sunglasses, so like any rational adult, there we were at the Galleria the day after Christmas. (Although, I wont lie, I did benefit from the trip)
J wore his sunglasses for days. & if you are from Dallas, you know there was no sun. for days.

On one of these cloudy, cool days, we were driving down the highway & there was a man in a new convertible with the top down & J says "look at that *&^#@, he's screaming 'look at my new Christmas present'.. its not even sunny" My response? "Sunglasses"
Christmas Decor Depression - Its real, people. Our home went from pure happiness, so warm and twinkly lights everywhere

to total boring-ness. Its been 2 weeks since we took down our decor and I have yet to put my house back together and my normal decor up. pure depression.

Neighbors -  How do you meet your neighbors if you dont live in a young neighborhood? And you dont have kids?? This is probably going to sound much more creepy than it is, but I putting it out there any way.

We have a lot of parties... and down our alley there is another house that has the same kind of parties. I want to be friends with them. The end.

But hooowwww???????

Ants on a Log -  J&I were having a healthy snack discussion about celery.. that lead to ranch.. that lead to un-healthiness.. that lead to peanut butter.. that naturally, for me lead to ants on a log. Husband? Blank expression. This man did not know what ants on a log were. Such a sad day.

So when I went grocery shopping I got all of the supplies. & my almost-30 hubs got his first taste. He loved.

Favorite Songs - Everytime I have a new favorite song, then profess it out loud, it goes overly viral on the radio.... && I want to not like it anymore, but cant. The song at the moment?

Damn you, Brittney Spears... for reminding me that I in fact, still do like going out on a good old club night.

Garlic Gadgets - We use an obscene amount of garlic in our house. & these 2 new gadgets are some of my favorite Christmas Presents! So, if you are a foodie, or have a serious love of garlic, I suggest you try these kids out!

Rocking Garlic Mincer

Garlic Slicer

Thats all I got.. I know this was all random, and you're probably thinking "Why did you tell me all of this?" My answer? I dont really know! :)

Have a great week!


  1. Oh this is cute! Maybe you should make your neighbors ants on a log!

    and we finally took our christmas decor down too.. it was a sad sad day! Only 11.5 more months!

  2. Love the nutcracker by your fireplace! Where did you get him? And I have never seen a garlic mincer like that.. it is perfect for cooking. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Hi Brianne! It's actually a regular nutcracker that I think I got at Hobby Lobby.. Then I cut its hair off, sanded it down and spray painted it white :)


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