Monday, January 7, 2013


Pardon my french... but H.O.L.Y.S.H.I.T.
I am getting old. The idea of even writing a "30 before 30" post freaks me out. I feel like I am still 23 (at the absolute oldest) and knowing that just a few weeks ago I turned 29 is absolutely surreal to me.
My craziness aside, I really want to accomplish a 30 before 30 and I have almost a whole year to do so. I'll lean on my hubby to help me accomplish some of these things... but here.we.go.
1. Go Ice Skating - I havent been since I was a camp counselor in college
2. Roll my own sushi
3. Create a cookbook of favorite recipes
4. Shoot a gun (properly)
5. Successfully bake at least 1 dessert
6. Complete a 5k
7. Do a grape stomp
8. Send at least 12 hand-written notes/cards
9. Have 4 day/night dates with my momma
10. Volunteer at least twice
11. Do a photo wall in the house
12. Go to the Perot Museum
13. Read at least 12 books this year
14. Have a picnic
15. Build a fort and watch a cartoon movie
16. Buy bikes and ride often
17. Go rock climbing
18. Bowl over 150
19. Make homemade marshmallows and s'mores
20. Go to a movie alone
21. Go camping
22. Make homemade pasta
23. Do 5 kind things for strangers
24. Write our will
25. Ride a train
26. Girls only vacation/trip
27. Learn sign language
28. See a meteor shower (if possible)
29. See 3 movies in a theatre with my hubby
30. Try a new fruit or vegetable
I'm open to any additions or suggestions... thats for sure... come on 30... I am going to bring it in style... and continue to pretend that this thirty thing isnt true...


  1. I've been trying to #6 happen for years! Now that you've put it out into the universe, it's GOING to happen!

  2. I will gladly partake in every single one of these with you.. Except for the ones that involve J.. And 'my husband'. He might get weird when I show up for a date night between you two;)


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