Friday, January 4, 2013

High Five for Friday (1.4.2013)

I was just off for 12 days... had to go back to the real world on Wednesday, and sadly am still overly excited that its FRIDAY!
Linking up with Lauren to share this week's highs..
1. Last Friday we went to the Mavs game, suite style with our fams
 Then went our for Drinkys with the "kids"

2. We celebrated NYE with dinner at Chamberlain's Fish Market and then Roaring 20's Style at Justin and Jordan's!
3. My most favorite-est girly movie was on this week.. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days... Big or small? Big or small?
4. I have already crossed one my New Years Resolutions off my list! GO ME! hahaha I already created my 30 before 30 list (debuting Monday)... I will need lots of help with accomplishing these tasks.. so let me know where you want to pitch in! ;)
5. Its the New Year, and Christmas/Birthday just came and went.. it seems like a good time to organize and donate. I got to my jewelry this past week, as seen on Instagram... blogger wont let me upload my picture at the moment and I **might** be slamming this freakin' laptop and trying 5 too many times.. moving onnnnnnnn. Next up are the closests!
Every Friday is exciting, but this Friday in particular, I am LOVING. Its the Cotton Bowl! We will be watching in full Aggie gear over at the Tapellas - I cannot wait to watch the Aggies Beat The Hell Outta OU! Whoooop!


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