Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tip Toe Sneaky Sangria

I recently had Cava Sangria for the first time while out & may have gotten slightly obsessed...

After some research, I found a recipe on Bon Appetit that seemed very simliar to the original that I had.. They served it in a fish bowl (see below) SoOoO cute for parties!!


  • 4 cups diced assorted fresh fruit (such as strawberries, peaches, and grapes)
  • 2 small oranges, thinly sliced, seeded
  • 1/2 cup brandy
  • 1/2 cup peach liqueur
  • 1/2 cup white grape juice
  • 4 small fresh mint sprigs
  • 2 750-ml bottles chilled cava or other sparkling white wine


  • Combine diced fruit, sliced oranges, brandy, liqueur, grape juice, and mint in large pitcher. Chill at least 1 hour. DO AHEAD Can be made 3 hours ahead. Cover; keep chilled.
  • Pour wine over fruit mixture. Stir to blend. Ladle sangria into glass

How did I decide I was naming it Tip Toe Sneaky????

HAHAHA it is overly delicous but one glass too many you may be sorry :)



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Life Post Mr. Grey..

In less than a week I finished the Fifty Shades Trilogy.

I was talking to Lo a few weeks ago and she said that she stayed up nearly all night reading, so naturally I asked what she was reading, maybe I needed to get in on it - she was embarrassed to tell me, but after convincing her I wouldnt judge she said Fifty Shades of Grey...

Next I heard it on Chelsea... then I asked Kate... Her answer made me buy it that day.

At first I wasnt that into it, but then.. I was addicted. So addicted. My bed time is usually 9... maybe 10 if I am feeling a little crazy. This past week I have been up reading into the wee hours of the morning..

I was on the plane reading Fifty Shades of Grey and kept trying to turn the page... realized it was over. I had to get GoGo Internet so I could buy the second book.. and while I was at it, I went ahead and got the third. It was obvious it would be required.

Well done, E.L. James, well done. You are the master of the cliff hanger, suspense, and making people not be able to sleep.

The consitent banter is amazing - and draws you into the book..

I sure do hope there are more books to come. Ilthough I am not sure how much more drama can happen between 2 people?! I am so sad that its over. I fear depression. Well, that is clearly over exaggerating, but you know what I mean.

Not sure how they are going to make movies. Unless its NC-17 ha! And not sure I would want to see it.

I highly suggest you get to reading!!!


Monday, May 28, 2012


Friday marked my first of 10 days away from work - YIPPEEEE!!!! & this weekend started this break perfectly.

Friday night we headed out to the Ballpark in Arlington to cheer on our Rangers with the Masseys. This is by far my newest obsession - If I could I would make J go weekly :) I would just need to get some more shirts - ha!

Silly, silly.

Saturday we worked in the yard.. hopefully this project will come along - updates to come!

We stayed in Saturday night and BBQ'd and drank Cava Sangria... my new  favorite!

Sunday we made our way to Lantana to spend the Day with the Tapellas, Cabreras & Masseys.. It had been so long since all of us were together! I defintely failed at picture taking... I have none to share, but it was a really fun day & cant wait to do it again soon!

I spent the night at my parents Sunday as well.. no matter how old you are, being at home every now and then is nice. :)

Monday... more yard work.. womp womp womp but I know I will be thankful was we are all done!

Have a great week!


Friday, May 25, 2012

High Five For Friday

Oh Friday, we meet again...

Here are my High Fives for Friday!

1. I scored these fabulous Kate Spade sunglasses at Norstrom Rack... I love the case almost as much as I love the actual sunglasses!

2. Last week my foodie magazines, this week my favorite decor mags... pretty much every page in the Crate & Barrel magazine is marked, in case you feel generous and want to pick something up for me ;)

3. This week marked my 4th work trip to DC.. each time I have seen zero landmarks... ((minus the less than impressive National Christmas Tree debacle)) I was determined to see something, even if it was for 5 minutes... Mission accomplished...."Abe says Hi"

4. I came home from work Thursday to a package... but I didnt know what it was - I shook it... sounds like liquid.. still no idea.. Then I opened up to see these lovelies!

Do yall remember this? Well this is installment #2! Thanks again, Masseys!

5. Speaking of our fun friends, Amber & Jordan, I am looking forward to this today! GO, RANGERS, GO!

**Double High Five this week: I am officially off of work for the next TEN days... I am so excited!!! This hasnt happened since we got married!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stuffed Artichoke

Stuffed artichokes have been part of my childhood and I have brought them into J&I's new life together... ((thats right, the man who is afraid of anything green, eats artichokes))

I have always steamed my artichokes, stuffed, then baked... its a long process. Sometimes 45 minutes to just steam, then baking takes about 20 minutes..

A few weeks ago I was chatting with my co-worker/friend/Texas Multi Mama,Teryn, about party planning, recipes, kids, etc. And we got on the subject of our love of artichokes. I was so happy to hear that I make them the same way as her legit italian momma in law (thanks to my dad!) With breadcrumbs, olive oil, and parmesan cheese.

But what Miss Teryn did share with me, was the most fabulous secret I was unaware of...

If you followed the link above, you saw that Teryn is a momma of 4.. thats right, I said FOUR. But not only four, 1 pre-teen daughter, and triplet 4 year old boys.... holy crap.

Clearly this woman has to multi-task and save time where she can. So with kiddos on the horizon... THE DISTANT HORIZON.. dont get crazy folks.. this is a fabulous secret to have.

I can still have artichokes, but in half the time. Was the artichoke and trim like you would if you were going to steam over the stove... then wrap loosly in seran wrap. Microwave for 5 minutes. Once complete, let rest for 2 - 3 minutes.

Remove from microwave, unwrape and fill with breadcrumb filling.

Bake for 20 minutes at 400*

We always juice a lemon over the top... eat it plain, dip in ranch, tobasco, really whatever you prefer... but dont let that heart go to waste!!!


Monday, May 21, 2012

A Favorite Weekend

Another weekend has come & gone... can you believe it? ((& I am already posting again... Holy Moly...I promised I would get back on my game/my schedule at work is so much easier thus far for summer.. but shhh.... its really just me being back on my game!))

Friday, J&I couldnt decide what we were going to do... Main Street Days, Taste of Addison, or the Byron Nelson??? Such hard decisions... Main Street Days.. kind of far.. Taste of Addison.. Right down the street, but $15 to get in.. EACH.. No tickeys to the Byron... So we talked, and chatted over a few cocktails... & we decided we would do none of the above... we were heading to J's favorite Steve Fields.

This is one of my favorite weekends of the year... 2 years ((ish)) ago J proposed to me.. so crazy how one night can comepletely change your life... So let me go a bit nostoglic on you and post one of my favs from that particular night ..

Okay... moving on now..... Its a weekend worth celebrating

Saturday greeted us with pretty much the same perdicaments during the day, but we opted with lazy.

My boss was getting married Saturday night - look at these cuties!

I didnt get any pictures of Andra from that night, but she looked gorgeous! I am so excited for her & Tom and her new start as Mrs. Craven!

I didnt get a big group pic, but here are some of my gorgeous co-workers.

J&I had tickets to the Dave Mathews Band concert... so post ceremony, he picked me up, we went to Nick & Sams Grill - holy Yum, always so good - then over to Gexa for the concert. Where I realized some things.

1. DMB fans are not playing around. Gates opened at 7, we arrived about 8:45, the parking lot was packed and Dave was already on - who knew?

2. I'm old. As soon as we got in we went to the bathroom, where apparently a girl cut in front of me in line and a few girls back was not happy about it. Bitch-fest ensued. I did not get involved for a few reasons. A.) I was not drunk B.) I'm not 21 C.) Im old

3. Said girls above were 12... and could not speak real words due to their drunkeness.. I am old

4. Girl accused of cutting offered to buy me a beer if I wasnt 21. A.) Thanks for the compliment B.) I am old

5. J&I finally head out to the lawn... where I am drinking water (I am old) and J is having a beer. People are falling everywhere. I dont belong here. I am old

6. Said beer is a double size I see at gas stations and I associate bums drinking. I am old

7. Ladies/everyone around us are flailing (J informs me this is DMB dancing) I am old

8. There is so much pot smoking happening - I am extremely uncomfortable. I am old

9. J&I leave before concert is over. We are old.

I think I am better off with DMB at our house, drinking wine, no smoke. Ciggy or otherwise...

Sunday... we headed to the Taste...

& then just relaxed at home - it was divine :)

This week I head to DC for a short trip and then starting friday I am on vacation until June 4th - and I am not quite sure what the heck I am going to do with myself!? So pumped! Have a great week peeps!


Friday, May 18, 2012

High Five for Friday!

This week I am trying something new & am linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday - where you celebrate your top 5 things from the week.. Some weeks are hard and finding 5 little things of sunshine can help to end the week right.

1. Our air conditioner is finally fixed... WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! Although the hefty price of fixing it, does not deserve a "woohooo", but more like a bunch of four letter bleeping words, I will remind myself when Dallas summer is in full swing and its 105+ degrees outside, and I am not dying inside.

2. I saw my first Grand Slam Ever this weekend at the Rangers game - LOVE!

3. I have been doing a lot of reading and enjoying the weather.. got to soak it all in before Texas Summer comes around! & I LOVE when my foodie magazines come in!

4. My husband knows me so well.. I am pretty much obsessive over Tyler Candles in Diva.. which seem to be so rare to find out by our house.. he raided the Hallmark - I love him so...

5. This week I have gotten in quite a bit of QT with the bestie... which our love is completely obvious by the below.

**Double High Five** to this guy.. he has been working so hard & its finally paying off! I love you J!

Love is...


Monday, May 14, 2012

Double Dose

Every post I have written lately starts with an apology.. This one wont, but I will start by saying that I truly suck at this whole blogging thing these days. I almost hope no one stops by here to see updates, because its awfully embarrassing that the only update is my "Love is.." that I may or may not post months in advance..

Now that my little rant is over, lets move on to the double dose of updates you are so luckily to be getting.

As yall know I have been crazy busy with work.. and sometimes I feel like I am missing out on things in life.. with J, with our families, and with my friends. Although I cant imagine doing anything else, I have decided that I am going to start living by the  "I'll sleep when I am dead" theory. I used to get home and just want to be home.. but this is how I am missing out on everything.. Dont get me wrong, I will do this from time to time. Especially since my new approach is killing J... but he can sleep when he is dead too... or at least when I am gone on program :):):)
JoJo has been expanding her wedding talents, by renting out her decor from her wedding, and also decorating weddings. A few weeks ago she needed an extra hand, so I of course took off a little early and headed out to McKinney.

The ceremony was held outside of a church and the reception was to follow inside. It really turned out great!

In between set-up and tear down the boys met us and we had dinner and I experienced my first ever Beer-garita. I must say, I loved this. Lots.

Saturday was Cinco de Mayo and Zak & Chara were in town. We had quite the time. It also reconfirmed that I am getting old. Cant tell you the last time I was at the bar past 1 and dont really know if I know when the next time will be ;)

After a day trip to DC and a quick work week, it was back to the weekend.

Friday, my parents came over for a BBQ to celebrate mother's day.. plus I hadnt seen them in a long, long time. My dad & J talked about the yard and what our next step is to beautify-ing it. My mom & I caught up and laughed a whole lot. J made some really amazing ribs. I was so proud of him - those culinary skills are vastly improving!

Saturday, bright & early it was out to the Ballpark in Arlington to watch the Rangers with our Supper Club peeps. (We missed you Tapellas!) It was an amazing time - major props, Chris, on the idea!

& I think we reached the concensous that we are definitely going to do a repeat at this place later this year!!

Sunday we had a Mother's Day lunch with Marianne & Bobby and J&J - it was delish, but I failed on the picture taking.

Post lunch we headed back out to the ballpark with J&J. We had so much fun again... Its kind of addicting. I cant wait for our next game!

We also were able to catch this amazing sunset! <3!

Looking forward to next weekend - it'll be a busy one again!

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