Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Olive Oil

Olive Oil is used daily in this house... or almost daily, yet when I told J I was writing this post, he said like the cartoon??? Yes, my husband is that special.

When I go to the grocery store and see the olive oil selection, it puts me on OVERLOAD..

But while I was in Atlanta, we recieved a package... and the olive oil came to US! And I liiiiiike it!

Months back The Masseys gave us such a unique and totally fitting WEdding Gift - Its called Nudo. The Dunaways have an adopted tree in Italy, thats producing olive oil juuust for us.

Three types joined my collection - Chili, Stone Ground with Garlic and Lemon! Oh the possibilities! Everyone who knows me well, knows that lemons and garlic are some of my favorite ingredients. Add that into the oil I cook with constantly... ugh-mazingness.

Lemon Oil? How about using it in this favorite Chocolate Broccoli recipe.

Chili Oil? All Asian recipes... yummmmmm and maybe some spicy pastas?


Moral of the story - one of the best wedding gifts ever! Thank you Masseys!!!!


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