Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday:
Our Home Edition

First things first... we are so, so blessed to own our own home. There are so many people in our country that are not blessed to have somewhere to live, let alone be able to own their own home.

J bought our home in the summer of 2007. It was his bachelor pad with his brother, and some revolving roommates (Hunter, Kealy & Ricky).. But as you all know since I have moved in there have been some landscaping changes:

Which we have many more to come... as time permits of course...

There have been many other changes, and changes, and changes... but with all of these changes, are times for J&I to spend together, bonding and making our house our home.

There are MANY, MANY other changes we want to make, more paint, fireplace, backsplash, change the cabinets??? get rid of the BURGANDY CHAIR... I mean... the possibilities are endless... but we are getting there.. its a fun project!

Our home also brings our families together. I am hopeful to host a holiday in our near future now that we have a lot of the the kitchen necessities and the entertainment amazingness.. (thanks again, everyone, for the BEAUTIFUL wedding gifts!)

Our home brings our friends together... for all occasions.. dinners, birthdays, football games, holidays... you name it, I'll host it.

For those that dont know me well, if I spend the night somewhere other than our house (albeit hotels for work dont count, considering they are my home away from home) I wake up early as can be and go "home"... This used to be my parents or my apartment. This past weekend, I stayed at my parents on Friday since Jarrett was gone, I woke up Saturday morning at 6:30am.... SIX-THIRTY?! People - I do not wake up ealier than 7:45am on a normal work day... and to be honest.. thats early. I wanted to be in bed at "home". My mom was shocked. Then Sunday, I had to come back to pick up Boogs, and I wasnt feeling so great after JoJo's bachelorette party... and again I wanted to go home... I used to do anything to nap in my room at my parents.. clearly our home has really encompassed my heart and I love it..

Do we want to live here forever? Probably not, but we are making some great first memories in this house that will be unforgetable... therefore I am extremely thankful for our home...

What are you thankful for today?


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