Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Yard Nazi

We were supposed to do our engagement pictures on Wednesday.... but sweet J accidentally scheduled a conference call right in the middle of it, so we have re-scheduled for November... I still took the day off, and J took a half day.

We got our save the dates designed and ordered, and headed out for lunch then Calloways to get some color for the yard!

Ready to start our project:
Such a beautiful day!

Ever since Jarrett and our parents started the landscaping project last spring (a very ongoing project) J seems to believe that he knows anything and everything about technique and design in the yard - hence "The Yard Nazi"

I had already potted a plant... this is him giving me lessons on how to do so...
The end result for out front :)
The beds out front on the walkway...

L.O.V.E the yellow flowers! (shocking!)

My friend I told J i was going to bake into his pizza if he didnt stop telling me what to do! ;)

The pond with some flowers added:

These flowers are so pretty they look fake!

Our "fall" theme out back

Bats in the kitchen!

The "plan" for this weekend was to relax, work in the house, and do some more things in the yard (mulch, water, trim, etc.)

Luckily for me (not so fortunate for The Yard Nazi) the forecast is rain, rain & more rain!

A weekend of relaxation, cooking, baking and QT with the leetle fam is in store... 2 days until I leave for Budapest.....

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