Sunday, October 17, 2010

Playing Catch Up!

I got home last Friday from back to back meetings (Boston for 5 days, home for 2 days, then San Diego for 7 days) Needless to say I was a bit exhausted, but we had such a fun weekend planned - I just kept pushing through (foreshadowing to how I got sick!)

Saturday J3A was re-united for a day of Texas Tech football and a day at the Texas State Fair. We rode the Dart out to the fair grounds, did a bit of tailgating...

Love these 2!
Now - I received a lot of crap for wearing this outfit; HOWEVER - I feel like it's important for me to support J (even if he attended the wrong college - he cant help it! he was raised a Red Raider! ;) ) I will NEVER EVER EVER wear Tech gear on A&M v Tech game day, but I dont mind doning the hideous color one game of the season - but DO keep in mind I had my Aggie ring on AND aggie panties - therefore not truly converting.. Our house may be divided but we support each other every day of the year except for 1! :) And anyways... even my Aggie friends must admit - the dress is cute!

Totally l.o.v.e this woman!

Into the game we went - we had great seats, right on the 50 yard line... you just had to hope the play was never directly behind that one DANG pillar!

After a Red Raider WIN we set out to enjoy beers, gyros, turkey legs, dippin dots, and lots of fried goodies!

The Boys clearly miss each other now that we arent all living together any more:
J3A in full effect

Sunday it was off to the Cowboys Game with Philip and Jenna B (right after our family photo shoot with JoJo)
We of course got our tailgate on and Enjoyed good old Cowboys Stadium despite the Cowboys loss....

Overall, I SUPER fun, jam-packed, weekend! It definitely caught up to me though on top of traveling... this whole past week, poor Jarrett has listened to me say "I no feeel gooooood" anytime I thought he might be listening. But I am getting back to my normal self now.

I'll post again about this weekend sometime this week - we have had another great one and have another busy week up ahead... Budapest, Hungary is on my books a week from Monday - lots to do!


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