Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer Family Session

Literally, every single time we do a photo session with Stephanie Rose, I cannot wait to see the images. She is so good. Like so, so, so good. Even if I feel like the session was awful, she captures the sweetest moments. I love her... shall I go on???

Its hard to choose just a few to share, but I did my best to choose.

Friday, July 22, 2016

High Five For Friday!

Once upon a long, looooong time ago, I used to post my high five for Friday when Lauren hosted the link up. Amber has somewhat resurrected it, so Ive decided to play along this week.

1. Parenthood.

This show. OMG. I binge watched this in like 2 weeks start to finish and loved every second of it. If you are skeptical, just try it. You might cry every episode, but its worth it. I just wish it didn't end. I would love for updates on all their lives.

2. Carmel Valley

I am lucky enough to be doing a program in this beautiful setting in September. Not only is it in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, but its also blogger related, and very much right up my alley personally. I hate that I cant share who for or exactly what it is for confidentiality reasons, but lets just say this could be my most favorite project yet.

3. Baker Bree's Berry Sweet Birthday

We loved celebrating this sweet girl over this weekend. G still has remnants of his strawberry tattoo on his arm that I cant scrub hard enough to come off. Everything was perfect - the décor the food the bevies! We love you sweet girl - to the moon and back!

4. Ready, Set, Party! Tired of G's birthday party yet?! I hope not, because I received an email this week from Project Nursery letting me know that G's Party was selected as a finalist for the Party of the Month. So if you are so inclined, please vote for G's Party HERE!

5. No more bottles! Last weekend we just never offered G a bottle. I finally found a sippy cup that he would drink his milk from and only offered that to him over the weekend. (I have since bought 6 more ha!) My brother makes fun of me for Brand Repping for Nuby on Instagram, but if nothing else, from doing so, I found this cup and it made weaning from the bottle a non-issue. Works for me. Even at school he hasn't used a bottle - one week down, I would say we are golden!

I travel this next week for the first time all summer pretty much - I'm sad, happy and excited all at the same time. I know I will miss my little buddy more than normal since I haven't been away for a while, but also looking forward to get back to my normal work routine and being with my friends. Such a catch-22!

Have a great weekend yall! XOXO

Friday, July 15, 2016

Ready, Set, Party! Big G Turns One!

I still cannot believe that my sweet bud is already one. Celebrating this day was super important to me. Not only to celebrate him, but to celebrate our victory of all staying alive for an entire year.

We love football season at our house, so what better way to celebrate our little linebacker than with a Football Themed Party?!

Although I don't know how to keep things simple, nor do I know where the line between "so fun!" and "overboard" is, I truly did try to not overthink the process.

For décor, I kept things pretty simple, a few banners, some DIY projects, pictures of G, and football paraphernalia that we already had at home.

Food and Beverages are always the main focus of a party, regardless of what time it is.

Pigs in a Blanket served with mustards & ketchup
Mini 7 Layered Dip Cups served with Fritos
BBQ Chicken Sliders
Kettle Chips
Jalapeno Poppers (Market Street)

Beer, Water, Gatorade & Sangria

Sangria Recipe:
3 bottles of rose
1 cup blueberries
2 white peaches sliced or diced
1 cup Cointreau
1 cup Chambord
2 cans sparkling lime water

Desserts - Cupcakes, Cake, & Cookies!

No Dunaway party is complete without a photobooth. Although I really wanted to have a custom background made, I found out it was EXPENSIVE, then I wanted to make my own, but truly who has time for that?! So I settled on a good old party city backdrop... that I now have endless rolls of - Super Bowl Party anyone???

Amber & Jordan let us borrow their bounce house for the backyard, we had bags outside and my parents have a pool table. We got some rain, but it cleared up after not too long giving us some relief from the heat!

We had a ball for everyone to sign for the birthday boy

& Take homes for the kiddos included mini footballs, candy, balloon punchy thingies (technical term, obviously) and foam fingers.

Overall we had an amazing night with our best friends and family. & Sweet Baby G was a happy camper!

Uprights DIY
Chalkboard - Hobby Lobby & Writing c/o Auntie JoJo

Cake Plates, Napkins & Plasticware - Party City
Football Themed Mason Jars DIY

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