Monday, July 11, 2016

July 8th

July 8th better known in the Dunaway House as "G Day". Its still hard to believe that Grayson is one. This last week has been so fun celebrating our handsome babe. Its also been really fun for us to start family traditions. With G's first birthday here, we chatted about how we wanted to spend his day and all of his birthdays moving forward.

The night before we had G we went to Kobe Steakhouse (hibachi) since I knew that I wasn't going to eat for 24 hours or more... glutinous, I know. So we decided to take G for his first hibachi experience. He loved it! We plan to go every year before his birthday!

Friday morning when G woke up - we greeted him by showering him with balloons and playing the Captain Zoom birthday song (this is a vivid memory from my childhood) and then we were off to breakfast.

Inspired by another mama, we took G to see his first movie - Finding Dory. He was really good, I would not lie and say great. He got antsy so I took him down to the floor level and let him crawl around. Perks of a 9:40 am showing... pretty empty!

After the movie we went home for lunch and naptime. Once G was up, we headed to Sea Life to continue our day.

Home for dinner & cake

Then we got even messier before bath time - I hope to put his canvas in his playroom some day

Once we put our sweet boy down, we broke out the champs. We received this bottle from my brother & sista (in law) the day G was born, we had been waiting to crack it open, and what better occasion than to celebrate the best year of our lives (thus far!)

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! I hope every birthday is this fun!


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