Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Grayson Daniel: 12 Months

Better late than never on this one... G's one year wellness check wasn't until Tuesday this week, and I wanted official stats and not guessing games this go around. Hard to believe one has already come, but I am loving this stage of life with this little man, and I know its just going to get better.

Height: 31" (85th%)
Weight: 24lb14oz (80th%)

eat. still eating great. Two snacks a day, lunch and dinner. I had still been offering 20ounces of formula this month and I would say he probably ate 12 - 15 of those ounces a day. The last bottle at night seems to be a formality. He will pretend to drink for about 30 seconds and then just want his paci and bed. So most nights that bottle didn't get a dent in it. Some mornings I would make him breakfast, but most mornings, he was on his way to school with just his morning bottle and his first snack time is at 9am. As we start transitioning to whole milk, I know that making breakfast will become more important, but making a scrambled egg in the morning is easy peasy.

sleep. Thankfully he has still been an amazing sleeper. He is down around 7 every night and up by 8. His naps have been about 1.5-2 hours... although for the last week or two he's been a sleepy baby. Snoozing later even though he goes to sleep at the same time and his naps have been more common on the two hour side. Growth spurt I suppose?

I did not take a single picture this month of this nugget sleeping... Bad Mama!

play. Goodness we play hard around here. His absolute favorite thing is going outside. If we let Layla out and don't let him go outside, meltdown city. Once he gets outside he automatically makes his way to the swing and insists to get in. We have been enjoying the water table, sprinkler and splash pool in the yard. Hes loved the swim sessions we have had too! Bubbles, his walker, Jeep, cars, and this random old school duck from my grandma's house are among his favorites. Playing catch is so fun, and playing chase with Layla is also one of his favorites. He is walking with the walker like a pro. Starting to stand on his own so it will be no time before we have a true toddler in the house. Lord help us. He loves to take all of his utensils and bowls out of the cabinet. 9 times out of 10 when you see him, he is bound to be holding a spoon. He's starting to really "hold conversation" its no longer just repetitive "dadadadada" or "mamamamamama" lots of sounds and putting them together as if he is truly trying to speak. His teachers asked me this month who in our house is the "talker" (both of us) and said he speaks really loudly... (oops!) He loves books. And is super bossy. I cant imagine where these things come from. He is getting very brave, climbing stairs, getting on top of the coffee tables, climbing up on the fireplace mantle. its just a matter of time until he gets his first big bruise...

  • His molars are making their way in. The past few days he is STRUGGLING. His appetite has gone down a bit and he is cranky. His gums are so swollen. Poor dude. I hope they break soon!
  • biting. ugh. hes bitten me, j, my mom and one of his teachers. Its when he's overly excited... and luckily its only happen a few times. but goodness I hope this stage doesn't stick around.
  • "What does a Dog say?" tongue out and starts panting. stop it.
  • Dance parties are a favorite. hands up in the air!
  • Ice cubes - loves em.
  • He's started to socially laugh. If we are all laughing - he will fake laugh... its awesome. hes so smart (says every mommy in the world.)
  • He's started clicking his tongue
  • Imitating what you do is also a fun new hobby. Have you read "Pat the Bunny" kid loves it. Even learned to "smell the roses" by watching J&I do it. Today I was blowing on his food and telling  him it was hot. Before each bite he was blowing on them. too funny. I cant wait until he can make all the silly faces we make. that my friends, will be picture overload time (as if there aren't a million too many photos already - hahah!)

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