Thursday, March 31, 2011

BEST DAY EVER... (To Date Anyway)

I know, you are all wondering... "Are you seriously blogging while on-site?" Well maybe you arent wondering it, but you should be. I LITERALLY do not speak to my faimly or friends when I am on-site. Even poor Jarrett up to this point (Day 3) has only gotten text conversations and tonight 1 short phone call... which I will get to later. I am in Vegas for a 1600 person meeting... Although i love my job, I was overly excited about this trip, you can read why HERE The minute we got to the hotel I was surrounded with this.... which makes my heart happy all on its own.

Although I have said a million times that I was going to see Michael Jordan this week, I truly never believed it was going to happen and it was more of a joke and something to laugh about. Today we found out that there was going to be a MJ event in the nightclub (actually the same night club we are renting out tomorrow night for our group) at the ARIA.

We were on our way to our rooms and we peeked over the rail and there were groups of people standing around and false sighting of His Airness, but we headed downstairs any way.

Hanging out by the escalator (literally stalking... i did sink to this level) we saw Keith Urban, Kevin from The Office, Spike Lee, Christina Milian and thats about it. I told the girls I was only staying until 11:00... 8 minutes to go... Then our friend Merrill (Security Guard) starting acting a little fishy... with a little probing we knew someone big was coming out of the club.... and with just a minute to spare til my bed time... this man blessed me with his presence:

Ok, I get it... my blackberry camera sucks. HOWEVER I was there and I can assure you that the man in yellow is Michael Jordan, and if this were on my camera that literally died as we were going down to this area you would see he is looking at ME. No, not the whole crowd I was standing with... JUST ME.

Seriously.... 4.. F.O.U.R. feet away from me.

So now comes in J's 1 phone call for the week.... I stage 5 clinger style dialed J til he answered the phone (YES I WOKE HIM!) and with my shaking body told him that my life was now complete and this was the best day I will ever have... not that marrying him in just days wasnt exciting but this was better ;) To which he replied "When I went to bed I crossed my fingers and toes for you to see him. It must have worked" So glad he gets me!

I can now say I at least saw MJ in person. Just mere inches away from me... Now here's to hoping to see him again over the next few days and actually get a real picture... maybe with me even in one :)

I leave you with my excitment:



Sunday, March 27, 2011


Married folk... please explain. I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME. Never replaced. The worst part is the refill is directly above the toilet. Doesnt even have to move. Ridiculous.
Happy Married Days Ahead! ;)


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Justin and Jordan came over today to grill out and just hang out. They brought Dash along... He has gotten SOO big! He and Layla were just 2 peas in a pod, running around the house and wearing each other out!

Jarrett's parents stopped by.... disappeared for a minute and then the puppies came running out in these so cute jerseys!!

And they continued to rough house... and of course the Aggie dominated the Red Raider! ;)
I have also been itching for Justin to come over and teach us how to use our new fryer! Burgers, hot dogs, and french fries were on the menu today...
J and I peeled the potatoes:
And we found this extremely handy french fry cutter at the store this morning:Soaked the potatoes... dont ask me why, Justin said to do it!Into the Fryer they go....And the delicious result!
So delish and just what we needed today. Relaxation with brother and sister... and Mrs. Amber Massey made an appearance as well.

Onto another crazy busy week... work has really been heating up & I have multiple appointments this week, work HH to celebrate the wedding, Bridals.... now to fit it all in....
Have a fabulous week!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - 1 Month to Go!

First things first... we are exactly 1 month away from me becoming Mrs. Jarrett Dunaway! Sooo exciting and scary all at the same time! Lets all pray everything is done ;)

Today I had a dentist appointment... Last week I had a filling fall out, today I had my appointment. 3/4 of a crown and lots of money later, I can officially say I was not having a good day. However after a lot of tears later, and by the time I made it back to the office, I had these beautiful "Happy 1 month until our wedding flowers"

Another clue that the wedding is getting close: Bachelorette Party!!!!!

I headed down to Austin last Thursday with Amber. We were both super excited - and chatted it up the whole way down. We met Kate at a wine bar and started our weekend off right!

Friday we did brunch - and saw a Friday Night Lights star... dont ask me who, you all know I dont do this, but everyone else made it seem important. Lots of mimosas, bloody marys, omelets, salads, eggs bendict... you name it, we had it. Then it was on to shopping... then day drinking, my FAV!

Lo, myself and Amber at a bar on West 6th..
All the girls were on their way down, while we ate, shopped and drank the day away.
My sweet 'baby' cousin Amber was able to come in town from California. She drove with my future sissy, JoJo, down from Dallas. I am so excited that she was able to share this time with me and my friends! PLUS, my friends absolutely adored her! (and she's a mini me - with prettier skin - and i LOOOOOVE her!)
Friday Night we enjoyed some "entertainment" and lessons. It was the MOST perfect kick-off to an extremely fun weekend.
Amber, Jordan, Katie and Amber
Lorin, me, Heather and JennaAnd all of the ladies for the evening: Amber, Amber, Jenna, me, Heather, Lorin, Katie, Kayla, and Jordan.Saurday morning we all were slow to recover, but finally after getting 11 girls showered and ready we headed out to Shady Grove - YUM! We had a long wait, which none of us complained about, we enjoyed our bloody marys, beers, margaritas, and shady things....
Amber, me and LoGroup Shot! From left to right starting in the back: Rae Rae, Courtney, Whitney, Katie, Amber. Heather, Lorin, Jordan, Jenna, mself and Amber.
Some of us decided on a nap, others to get their make up done, but we all were ready for picture time!
My beautfil bridesmaids: Jenna, Lorin, Heather (MOH), Me, Kate (MOH), Amber (MOH) and JoJo
My entire Bridal Party: Allison, Jenna, Heather, Katie, Amber, Kayla, Lorin, Whitney, Me, and JoJo.
Sweet Cousin!I have THE most gorgeous Sister in the world - Be jealous!!!!"Why are there this many gorgeous women on one corner?!" "I know, I have THE most beautiful friends in the world!"

Love my Kay-Bay:

To say the least - we had a really great time. Dance Party 2011 some may say..... But I will leave you with this:

I truly L.O.V.E. my girls... and cant imagine life without them. XoXo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Martini Masquerade!

I have chosen an amazing man to marry. Honestly, I could not have chosen a boy better for me than Jarrett. EVEN if he is ADHD and drives me crazy. We balance each other out. I'm tense, he's relaxed. He's ADHD, I'm OCD. It all works out.

But along with this great guy, I got to inherit some really amazing friends. Among these friends are the Cabreras and Tapellas. The first time I met Chris... 100 million questions... HOT seat! But by the end of the night, and a LOT of beers/shots later, he said to Jarrett "Dude! I love her! Dont you love her, man?" AWKWARD! J&I had barely been dating long, but at least I was in. Then I met his sweet wife, Diana - and I would like to keep her forever.

Then came the Tapellas. We went bowling. SO fun! Plus we are all Aggies, so clearly we were BFF before we even met (Whoop!)

The Tapellas & Cabreras so graciously offered to throw J&I a shower. Not a boring, run down couples shower... but a Martini Masquerade! I mean, seriously!? This was the most amazing thing I had ever heard of!

The most beautiful Hostesses - Jacqueline & Diana... and Baby Boy T in the belly

Down to EVERY stinkin detail was perfect. These girls (&guys) did the most amazing job!

Down to the UGH-mazing masks. (Mine hand made by Jaqueline.... love!)
Me and the Boy
Bridesmaids - minus LoChris, Travis (hosts! and yummy martini makers!) Kealy, Tracy and Branden
Myself, Heather and Jenna Future Dunaway Girls!
In the true Mardi Gras tradition we had a King Cake and whoever found the baby won a prize. Oh so lucky for us, it was Jarrett who found the baby! The hosts had decided before anyone came over that whomever found the baby would have to kick off karaoke. If a girl - their choice. If a boy - Material Girl by Madonna.... YESSSSSS!!!!!
Here's a great pic of it, but if you want to watch the terribleness of the whole thing, please check out Amber's Blog - HERE.

Such a great night - and so thankful that I am getting such amazing friends along with my amazing future husband.
Stay tuned for a Bachelorette Weekend recap.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beautiful Bridal Shower

Better late than never... a month late on this post is forgiveable, right? ((Just say yes!))

My beautiful bridesmaides threw me a shower beyond expectation at Brio Tuscan Grille in Southlake in mid-February.

JoJo made this uber cute sign that I absolutely adore!

The Cozy Cakery made this cake that was just as appealing to taste as it was to the eye! They are making our Groom's Cake for the wedding!! So pumped!

The lovely Salon on the Creek ladies: Tara, Melissa, Brenda and Lisa

Debbie, Mom, Nana, Aunt Elaine, & Barbie

Myself with Jarrett's cousins; Heather, Jenny, Hillary and her daughter Maddie.. Mrs. Jenna Vineyard and Mom DunawayWe scored some UGH-mazing gifts... serving dishes, trays, knives... on and on... Highlighted by the Fryer...
And of course, this mixer!

My lovely bridesmaids - Lorin, Jenna, Amber, Katie, Heather and Jordan

I found these aprons... just mad I didnt get one for myself!

3 generations

My 2 Moms!

Thank you ladies for such an amazing celebration!

Over the next few days I will catch up on all wedding activities that I have been slacking on.. so look forward to The Martini Masquerade and Bachelorette Weekend posts!

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