Thursday, March 3, 2011

Making Progress

So about 20 months ago I met this boy. He was ok - I guess. Then, he grew on me and the freakin goober Wont.Go.Away. Well, I guess I should be honest. I dont want him to go away :) Even though he IS a SER-IOUS GOOOOOB!

When I first started dating J, we went out to eat all the time. I have a serious love for cooking, thanks to both of my parents, so I volunteered to cook for J one night. I had no idea what he liked, what he didnt like, what his preferences were, etc. So I asked "what veggies do you not eat" He listed "Asparagus, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, spinach, squash, zuchinni..." You get the idea. So I thought I was home free - NONE of those were in my dish for the night! Came to J's, started unpacking my groceries... EEEERRRRRRTTT! "Mushrooms?!" .."Yes, that wasnt on your list".. "Its a fungus, not a vegetable".. "Well, shit! Just try it!" And he did. And he now requests the meal. [He does still pick out some mushrooms, he still cant do mushroom overload, but he eats 'em]

His first aspargus experience... At my parents. Scott's grilling & and J is trying to get in with the old man. Scott asks J to try to the aspargus... he does, even though he doesnt want to. Surprisingly - LOVES it. Later to find out, he had never even HAD asparagus.
This tiny fact now works against the boy. I now know that when he says he doesnt like it, that means he's never tried it. Rut row, J - your cover is blown!
Tonight I tried one of my favs, Chocolate Broccoli, recipes. Butternut Squash and Spinach Ravioli Lasagna which translated to J was "Ravioli Lasgana" and he was excited about it all!
Here is the sauce... that I added his meat too, so he can be happy... and in the other pan, onions, SPINACH, MUSHROOMS... and in the microwave that you cant see... the forbidden BUTTERNUT SQUASH.
And I am sooooooo PROUD of J!!!!!!!! All the butternut squash.. GONE! Spinach, almost gone and only a few straggling mushrooms!

J is such a BIG boy now and ALL of my followers better be following Chocolate Broccoli, because its good for you AND YUMMY. You have now seen the proof my friends! DO IT!


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