Monday, March 14, 2011

Martini Masquerade!

I have chosen an amazing man to marry. Honestly, I could not have chosen a boy better for me than Jarrett. EVEN if he is ADHD and drives me crazy. We balance each other out. I'm tense, he's relaxed. He's ADHD, I'm OCD. It all works out.

But along with this great guy, I got to inherit some really amazing friends. Among these friends are the Cabreras and Tapellas. The first time I met Chris... 100 million questions... HOT seat! But by the end of the night, and a LOT of beers/shots later, he said to Jarrett "Dude! I love her! Dont you love her, man?" AWKWARD! J&I had barely been dating long, but at least I was in. Then I met his sweet wife, Diana - and I would like to keep her forever.

Then came the Tapellas. We went bowling. SO fun! Plus we are all Aggies, so clearly we were BFF before we even met (Whoop!)

The Tapellas & Cabreras so graciously offered to throw J&I a shower. Not a boring, run down couples shower... but a Martini Masquerade! I mean, seriously!? This was the most amazing thing I had ever heard of!

The most beautiful Hostesses - Jacqueline & Diana... and Baby Boy T in the belly

Down to EVERY stinkin detail was perfect. These girls (&guys) did the most amazing job!

Down to the UGH-mazing masks. (Mine hand made by Jaqueline.... love!)
Me and the Boy
Bridesmaids - minus LoChris, Travis (hosts! and yummy martini makers!) Kealy, Tracy and Branden
Myself, Heather and Jenna Future Dunaway Girls!
In the true Mardi Gras tradition we had a King Cake and whoever found the baby won a prize. Oh so lucky for us, it was Jarrett who found the baby! The hosts had decided before anyone came over that whomever found the baby would have to kick off karaoke. If a girl - their choice. If a boy - Material Girl by Madonna.... YESSSSSS!!!!!
Here's a great pic of it, but if you want to watch the terribleness of the whole thing, please check out Amber's Blog - HERE.

Such a great night - and so thankful that I am getting such amazing friends along with my amazing future husband.
Stay tuned for a Bachelorette Weekend recap.


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