Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - 1 Month to Go!

First things first... we are exactly 1 month away from me becoming Mrs. Jarrett Dunaway! Sooo exciting and scary all at the same time! Lets all pray everything is done ;)

Today I had a dentist appointment... Last week I had a filling fall out, today I had my appointment. 3/4 of a crown and lots of money later, I can officially say I was not having a good day. However after a lot of tears later, and by the time I made it back to the office, I had these beautiful "Happy 1 month until our wedding flowers"

Another clue that the wedding is getting close: Bachelorette Party!!!!!

I headed down to Austin last Thursday with Amber. We were both super excited - and chatted it up the whole way down. We met Kate at a wine bar and started our weekend off right!

Friday we did brunch - and saw a Friday Night Lights star... dont ask me who, you all know I dont do this, but everyone else made it seem important. Lots of mimosas, bloody marys, omelets, salads, eggs bendict... you name it, we had it. Then it was on to shopping... then day drinking, my FAV!

Lo, myself and Amber at a bar on West 6th..
All the girls were on their way down, while we ate, shopped and drank the day away.
My sweet 'baby' cousin Amber was able to come in town from California. She drove with my future sissy, JoJo, down from Dallas. I am so excited that she was able to share this time with me and my friends! PLUS, my friends absolutely adored her! (and she's a mini me - with prettier skin - and i LOOOOOVE her!)
Friday Night we enjoyed some "entertainment" and lessons. It was the MOST perfect kick-off to an extremely fun weekend.
Amber, Jordan, Katie and Amber
Lorin, me, Heather and JennaAnd all of the ladies for the evening: Amber, Amber, Jenna, me, Heather, Lorin, Katie, Kayla, and Jordan.Saurday morning we all were slow to recover, but finally after getting 11 girls showered and ready we headed out to Shady Grove - YUM! We had a long wait, which none of us complained about, we enjoyed our bloody marys, beers, margaritas, and shady things....
Amber, me and LoGroup Shot! From left to right starting in the back: Rae Rae, Courtney, Whitney, Katie, Amber. Heather, Lorin, Jordan, Jenna, mself and Amber.
Some of us decided on a nap, others to get their make up done, but we all were ready for picture time!
My beautfil bridesmaids: Jenna, Lorin, Heather (MOH), Me, Kate (MOH), Amber (MOH) and JoJo
My entire Bridal Party: Allison, Jenna, Heather, Katie, Amber, Kayla, Lorin, Whitney, Me, and JoJo.
Sweet Cousin!I have THE most gorgeous Sister in the world - Be jealous!!!!"Why are there this many gorgeous women on one corner?!" "I know, I have THE most beautiful friends in the world!"

Love my Kay-Bay:

To say the least - we had a really great time. Dance Party 2011 some may say..... But I will leave you with this:

I truly L.O.V.E. my girls... and cant imagine life without them. XoXo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Hahahahahaha I'm sorry I lost you after the bar!!! But what an amaaazing weekend! Love you SISTER!


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