Thursday, August 17, 2017

Help! Sleep Regression?!

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For all of my friends (and familiar readers around here), if I have ever annoyed you with my "Grayson sleeps like a champ! 12+ hours EVERY night. Just goes down without a problem! He asks to go to bed! He moved to the Big Boy Bed and nothing changed! He's done great!" Don't you worry, Karma came rearing its ugly head.

Let me backtrack a bit before Carter was born we started to let G stay up later. It was "summer", I wanted extra snuggles with my first born, etc. Then Carter came. Still no issues when it was time for bed. We went to the lake two weeks after C was born, and G was upstairs alone and had a freak out, but went to sleep. All good.

Got home after that trip and he started waking in the middle of the night, coming to the gate and yelling/crying for us to come up. Once we came upstairs, he would go directly to bed, no problem. This could happen once at night, or multiple times, but not every night. Fast forward to now, and the mid-night wake ups have stopped, but fighting to go to bed has started and 5:00 am (or earlier!) wake up calls.

I've entertained his "one more book" requests, "one more song", sat outside of his bedroom door Super Nanny style taking him right back to his bed, given him the silent treatment, etc. Some nights it can last an hour when he's feeling persistent. Although, the length of fighting it has become shorter and shorter - thankfully. Sometimes we have alligator tears and other times no tears at all.

Naptime at school is no problem at all. he sleeps the full 2 hours and say sometimes they have to wake him up to continue the day. Weekends are hit or miss depending on what we are doing.

I have bought the "ok to wake" clock, which we have not started using yet, but I feel like the waking early is the least of my concerns. I would rather tackle the issues of going to bed and the nighttime wakings.

At Carter's 2 month appointment we mentioned to the pediatrician the waking up (he hadn't started the protesting going to sleep part yet) and he mentioned for his older patients that have that problem he does sleep coupons that are given to them before bed and if they do a good job can be turned into Mom and Dad in the morning. Once "x" amount are collected there is some kind of prize - whatever you would want that to be. But he said he thought Gray was too young to understand/reason with this concept. And if the problem got worse to call and we could come up with a plan.

I have my friend, Sarah, making us sleep coupons. Its worth a shot. Kid loves Dumbo. And Popcorn. And laying in Mama & Daddy's bed. All things I can easily make happen on a Friday night if he turns in his coupons.

I've read 2 year sleep regression is real. I have also read that around this age their imaginations are much more vivid making dreams/nightmares happen more often. This age is also more in tune with feelings and emotions. Knowing "good guys" from "bad guys" which makes fear an emotion they begin to feel rather than being so carefree.

I have not called the pedi yet, even though the situation has gotten worse. But I am calling to you, Mommy/Daddy friends, grandparents, babysitters, nannies... any tricks? Tell me what has worked for you! With going back to work right around the corner, and Carter only waking once at night, this house could use easy bedtimes and more sleep at night!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower: Baby Boy Thomas

One of my sweetest, long time besties is expecting her first baby in October. I was so happy to help celebrate her and Baby Boy Thomas (and cannot wait to know his sweet little name!) Jenna is going for a very classic look in her nursery, so we went with a Peter Rabbit Theme. It was perfectly sweet for this Mama!

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RLove Floral

Champagne Punch
Raspberry Fizz (non alcoholic)
Lemon Water

Mini Chicken Pot Pies
Veggie Plate with Ranch Dip
Pasta Salad
Honey Lime Fruit Salad
Traditional Scones
Tea Sandwiches

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


The times where the week runs into the weekend without notice a dwindling. I go back to work next week - I cannot believe 12 weeks has flown by so quickly. Its so sad! What I think I will miss the most about going back to work (besides my sweet baby) will be Mondays being a free day with my mom. I will continue to work from home on Mondays, but key word there is work. No more play. Womp. Womp.

This weekend was a quick one! Friday nights are always pizza and a movie at home. Its a perfect ending to our week. And golf. don't let me forget the putting contests the boys have nightly. Since Gray's golf obsession has not subsided yet, we got up Saturday and went to Top Golf - betchya didn't know it opens at 8:00 am, we were there at a bright 8:20. This boys day was made before it was even 10am.

That night we were supposed to go to the FC Dallas Soccer game, but the weather had different plans for us - so I introduced G to jumping in puddles!

Which worked out better because my little friend didn't nap and passed out by 7pm... the time the game would have started. J was passed out not long after, so I snuggled with my littlest love while watching my absolute fav - How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days

Sunday I was able to celebrate one of my closest friends and her baby boy due in October. More pics to come later this week - of course!

After the shower, we took Gray to meet his new teacher. This year he will be in a Preschool Prep class. So 8am-3pm is more like preschool, with lessons, art, music, PE and Spanish and then the hours outside of these times is freetime. I am really excited to watch him grow in this new environment!

Monday we celebrated his last day of "summer" by taking him to the zoo with my mom. We had so much fun he took a 3 hour nap afterwards - Mom Win for sure!

Looking forward to this week without the kiddos - facial, massage, lashes... so many "me" things after 11 weeks of not so much "me time" - wooooohoooo!

Have a great week, yall!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Boho Bridal Shower: Head Over Keels

If you know me well, or been around this blog for a while, you know that throwing a party is by far one of my favorite things to do. I extra love throwing parties/showers with the girls I work with - we are like minded and we each have our own specialty, so it goes so seamlessly.

This past weekend we got to celebrate one of my very favorite people, Rebecca. Yall, this girl's laugh is contagious and that is an understatement! We have had many "laugh til you cry" moments, and some just cry moments (have I ever told you my job is stressful?!), but we wont talk about those! I am thrilled for Becks and Charlie and wish them the very best (and lots of babies).


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Homemade Quiche
Candied Pork Belly Lollipops
French Toast Casserole
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