Tuesday, August 8, 2017

What We Were Up To

This weekend started early for us - JoJo wanted to get out this week and invited us to join them at the Roughriders Game. We super lucked out with abnormal August Texas temperatures.

Friday C&I prepped for a shower, went to his 2 month check up (details on all that later this week) and then went and stayed out at my parents as it would be closer for me in the morning to start out the busiest Saturday ever.

Saturday morning started by showering my sweet co-worker & friend, Rebecca. She and Charlie are getting married in just a few weeks! We are thrilled for her and a DFF shower is always a great time - I will post plenty of pictures of this later this week as well!

After I ran back to my parents, pumped and grabbed C, I met J and Grayson in Dallas to celebrate our sweet little friend Emily's 2nd birthday with a pool party! I am terrible and took zero photos - but Gray could not have loved her party any more. This boy has turned into quite a fish these days.

We decided to run home after the party to change and head out to our final destination for the day, but on the way home Gray told Jarrett that his tummy hurt... not long later I was texting my experienced mama friends "how do you clean out your car seat from throw up?!" Good to know that you can throw the pieces in the wash. I think the 1,000,000 belly flops G did at the party, resulted in lots of water in his belly (and a bruise on his face - boys). I opted to head to Glen and Kathleen's Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal solo with the littlest of our bunch.

He makes a perfect date if you ask me.

Kathleen's mom did such an awesome job on this party! The theme is precious, and a perfect way to announce that our boys will have another sweet little girl to be besties with!

After a crazy Saturday, Sunday was so low key. The only thing we did outside of the house was grab BBQ for lunch.

My sweet Layla Love turned 10 on Sunday. TEN. She was my first baby, and although she may not get the same attention from me these days, she's still the best snuggler and Grayson loves her oh so much. He wants her with him always. "Come on Layla!" "Layla come!" He gives her cookies after she obediently "sits & shakes". They wrestle, and she tolerates all of his crazy. I cannot imagine a better companion for our family. We love this sweet pup!

The fun didn't stop there - Mondays my mom comes over since its her day off. While I have been on maternity leave we have been trying to do something fun for G. This week we went to lunch with his favorite - guacamole and then to the Library to play.

Such a great weekend - hoping this week is just as fun! XoXo

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