Saturday, January 26, 2013

High Five for Friday (1.25.13)

Hellooooo Friday! more like, Saturday... ooops!
Linking up with Lauren to celebrate this week!
1. Completing my first item off of my 30 Before 30 list - building a fort & watching a cartoon movie!
2. I got my hair done this week - no more ugly roots!
3. the weather in Texas has been beyond perfect - I was able to grab D&D with Heather and Jenna on Wednesday night on a patio ... eish we could do that every day of the year!

4. My bestie from college, Katie, is in town...
5. && she brought layla a little friend to play with! We ♥ sweet little Jackson!

 Have a great weekend!!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Better Late than Never

This weekend's wrap-up is a few days overdue, but they say its better late than never, right??
Friday night we decided to tackle one of my 30 before 30 by building a fort & watching a cartoon movie.
Where did this item on the list come from? I literally have no idea. I used to love forts. When I babysat I always made forts, and well, I am still just a big kid. However, this fort was made for grown-ups. Inclusive of a mattress (so our old bodies are not laying on the floor, heaven knows if I would have been able to get up) as well as a wine table (for the obvious, of course) We watched Finding Nemo since the hubs has never seen & I will pretty much watch any Disney or Pixar movie over and over again..

We even fell asleep in the fort - I will confess to waking up at 4:00 am, crawling out & getting into our real bed.

Saturday I was treated to a spa day, thanks to my fabulous Mother&Father-in-law. Soft Touch is fabulous, and I have said it before, if you live the the DFW area, you need to see Luz for an amazing massage and Jenna for a fabulous facial.. best way to spend the day in my opinion!

Supper Club is finally all back together & in quite a new way..

So fun to have all the kiddos together & I know Landon cant wait for his friends to be big enough to play with him!

It was make your own pizza night - so fun & delicious! 
Sunday morning we had a J3A brunch date at Mattito's with Justin & Jordan
My parents do a "Sunday Dinner" every week and have my grandparents over. It used to be a favorite when I lived at home. J&I joined in on Sunday Dinner this week & I showed off my new scarf from Zak&Chara.

Pretty great weekend && looking forward to this coming weekend! Hope yours was just as good!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pure Randomness

Sunglasses - J got a giftcard for Christmas to get new sunglasses, so like any rational adult, there we were at the Galleria the day after Christmas. (Although, I wont lie, I did benefit from the trip)
J wore his sunglasses for days. & if you are from Dallas, you know there was no sun. for days.

On one of these cloudy, cool days, we were driving down the highway & there was a man in a new convertible with the top down & J says "look at that *&^#@, he's screaming 'look at my new Christmas present'.. its not even sunny" My response? "Sunglasses"
Christmas Decor Depression - Its real, people. Our home went from pure happiness, so warm and twinkly lights everywhere

to total boring-ness. Its been 2 weeks since we took down our decor and I have yet to put my house back together and my normal decor up. pure depression.

Neighbors -  How do you meet your neighbors if you dont live in a young neighborhood? And you dont have kids?? This is probably going to sound much more creepy than it is, but I putting it out there any way.

We have a lot of parties... and down our alley there is another house that has the same kind of parties. I want to be friends with them. The end.

But hooowwww???????

Ants on a Log -  J&I were having a healthy snack discussion about celery.. that lead to ranch.. that lead to un-healthiness.. that lead to peanut butter.. that naturally, for me lead to ants on a log. Husband? Blank expression. This man did not know what ants on a log were. Such a sad day.

So when I went grocery shopping I got all of the supplies. & my almost-30 hubs got his first taste. He loved.

Favorite Songs - Everytime I have a new favorite song, then profess it out loud, it goes overly viral on the radio.... && I want to not like it anymore, but cant. The song at the moment?

Damn you, Brittney Spears... for reminding me that I in fact, still do like going out on a good old club night.

Garlic Gadgets - We use an obscene amount of garlic in our house. & these 2 new gadgets are some of my favorite Christmas Presents! So, if you are a foodie, or have a serious love of garlic, I suggest you try these kids out!

Rocking Garlic Mincer

Garlic Slicer

Thats all I got.. I know this was all random, and you're probably thinking "Why did you tell me all of this?" My answer? I dont really know! :)

Have a great week!

Monday, January 14, 2013

weekend wrap-up

It was the weekend? I had no clue. I literally have not left our house, or our bedroom, for that matter, for 5 days. How depressing. Seriously.
I expected this weekend to be full of going out to dinner, building a fort and watching a movie, a double date to the Perot museum (you know knocking out things from the 30 before 30 list)... and instead it was full of bed, sleep, cuddles with Layla & my germophobe Hubby staying far, far away from me, except to bring me water (or hot chocolate, my fav).
 This girl kept me a lot of company, since the Hubs refused to be in the same room as me..
J did get his hands dirty in the kitchen - making yummy chicken parm on Friday..

I am always well enough to scare J.. and he makes it so easy with the Bose headphones on, silly, silly boy..
Friday, we thought that I had just a sinus infection and I had been on antibiotics for a day, so J was willing to be in the same room as me.. We played a little scattegories. My brain wasnt working, but Layla was entertaining me with her craziness.

Friday night/Saturday morning is when I am pretty sure I knew I had flu symptoms. There are no pics from Saturday. I may have thought I was going to die... for.real.
I am a meal planner - I plan our weekly meals on Sunday evenings and grocery shop Monday nights after work. There is nothing more that I hate than going to the grocery multiple times in a week. With me getting sick, this really messed up our schedule, but we were ok with that. Until Sunday - I had planned Chocolate Broccoli's Chicken Pot Pie... and J was having it regardless of how I felt.
So I posted up on the other side of the kitchen telling him what to do (the mask didnt last long, I HATE breathing hot air), but he definitely wanted me wearing it.

What you cant see on the counter is his sanitation area - Hand Sanitizer, Emergen-C, and Zicam.. think he is paranoid?!

Day 5: Layla hasnt abandoned me.. yet.

I can say that I feel human today... but do not want to expose my coworkers to what I have been experiencing. I cant wait to go back to work tomorrow, be normal and socialize, since my hubby has had me quarantined to our room!
Everyone stay healthy! & if you think you might be getting sick, go to the doctor!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

High Five for Friday (1.11.13)

Its been quite a dreary week here in Dallas.. it made the week drag on so horribly.. But Friday is here now, so I will just enjoy it!
Linking up with Lauren today with my five high post.
1. I got to see the Massey twins & their momma this weekend after a long 2 week hiatus - 2 weeks toooo long really!
2. We celebrated Miss Jenna B's birthday with a night of "Boom Chicka Booming" as my husband likes to call it
3. We got to spend time with the Cabrera's and sweet baby Jacob
4. On a rainy night this week we had the perfect 5 year old dinner... grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup!
5. I'm sick... not a high, but my honey is overly sweet & is taking good care of me and thats a high - thanks J!
 Lazy weekend ahead with lots of sleep and antibiotics.. hopefully I will feel better by Sunday - we have plans to cross off one of my 30 before 30!

Have a good weekend yall & stay healthy!

Monday, January 7, 2013


Pardon my french... but H.O.L.Y.S.H.I.T.
I am getting old. The idea of even writing a "30 before 30" post freaks me out. I feel like I am still 23 (at the absolute oldest) and knowing that just a few weeks ago I turned 29 is absolutely surreal to me.
My craziness aside, I really want to accomplish a 30 before 30 and I have almost a whole year to do so. I'll lean on my hubby to help me accomplish some of these things... but here.we.go.
1. Go Ice Skating - I havent been since I was a camp counselor in college
2. Roll my own sushi
3. Create a cookbook of favorite recipes
4. Shoot a gun (properly)
5. Successfully bake at least 1 dessert
6. Complete a 5k
7. Do a grape stomp
8. Send at least 12 hand-written notes/cards
9. Have 4 day/night dates with my momma
10. Volunteer at least twice
11. Do a photo wall in the house
12. Go to the Perot Museum
13. Read at least 12 books this year
14. Have a picnic
15. Build a fort and watch a cartoon movie
16. Buy bikes and ride often
17. Go rock climbing
18. Bowl over 150
19. Make homemade marshmallows and s'mores
20. Go to a movie alone
21. Go camping
22. Make homemade pasta
23. Do 5 kind things for strangers
24. Write our will
25. Ride a train
26. Girls only vacation/trip
27. Learn sign language
28. See a meteor shower (if possible)
29. See 3 movies in a theatre with my hubby
30. Try a new fruit or vegetable
I'm open to any additions or suggestions... thats for sure... come on 30... I am going to bring it in style... and continue to pretend that this thirty thing isnt true...

Friday, January 4, 2013

High Five for Friday (1.4.2013)

I was just off for 12 days... had to go back to the real world on Wednesday, and sadly am still overly excited that its FRIDAY!
Linking up with Lauren to share this week's highs..
1. Last Friday we went to the Mavs game, suite style with our fams
 Then went our for Drinkys with the "kids"

2. We celebrated NYE with dinner at Chamberlain's Fish Market and then Roaring 20's Style at Justin and Jordan's!
3. My most favorite-est girly movie was on this week.. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days... Big or small? Big or small?
4. I have already crossed one my New Years Resolutions off my list! GO ME! hahaha I already created my 30 before 30 list (debuting Monday)... I will need lots of help with accomplishing these tasks.. so let me know where you want to pitch in! ;)
5. Its the New Year, and Christmas/Birthday just came and went.. it seems like a good time to organize and donate. I got to my jewelry this past week, as seen on Instagram... blogger wont let me upload my picture at the moment and I **might** be slamming this freakin' laptop and trying 5 too many times.. moving onnnnnnnn. Next up are the closests!
Every Friday is exciting, but this Friday in particular, I am LOVING. Its the Cotton Bowl! We will be watching in full Aggie gear over at the Tapellas - I cannot wait to watch the Aggies Beat The Hell Outta OU! Whoooop!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Resolutions

I have never been one to partake in New Years Resolutions... I dont know what it is this year, maybe my new found almost old age, but J&I have been talking about it more and more etensively lately.
So to keep me accountable (kinda... considering I dont think I will be shy to say I fail) I want to share some of my resolutions/goals with yall... and I will update you as the year goes on.
1. Read at least 12 books this year.  any suggestions?!
2. Try at least 4 new recipes a month (suggestions welcome here as well!)
3. Drink once during the week and on weekends only (besides holidays/if we are on vacation)
4. Walk Layla Bean 2-3 times a week.
5. Grow in my job
6. Travel to Chicago with J
7. Try Yoga/any other stress relieving activity (any help here is welcome!)
8. Be a good auntie to all the little babes we have now.
9. Focus on good friends and strengthening those friendships
10. Create a 30 before 30 list by mid January
11. Replace the kitchen counter & get curtains for the living room.
Some are silly, some are necessary... but like I said, any suggestions are welcome...
Here's to 2013 and a successful, happy and blessed year it will be!


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