Monday, January 14, 2013

weekend wrap-up

It was the weekend? I had no clue. I literally have not left our house, or our bedroom, for that matter, for 5 days. How depressing. Seriously.
I expected this weekend to be full of going out to dinner, building a fort and watching a movie, a double date to the Perot museum (you know knocking out things from the 30 before 30 list)... and instead it was full of bed, sleep, cuddles with Layla & my germophobe Hubby staying far, far away from me, except to bring me water (or hot chocolate, my fav).
 This girl kept me a lot of company, since the Hubs refused to be in the same room as me..
J did get his hands dirty in the kitchen - making yummy chicken parm on Friday..

I am always well enough to scare J.. and he makes it so easy with the Bose headphones on, silly, silly boy..
Friday, we thought that I had just a sinus infection and I had been on antibiotics for a day, so J was willing to be in the same room as me.. We played a little scattegories. My brain wasnt working, but Layla was entertaining me with her craziness.

Friday night/Saturday morning is when I am pretty sure I knew I had flu symptoms. There are no pics from Saturday. I may have thought I was going to die... for.real.
I am a meal planner - I plan our weekly meals on Sunday evenings and grocery shop Monday nights after work. There is nothing more that I hate than going to the grocery multiple times in a week. With me getting sick, this really messed up our schedule, but we were ok with that. Until Sunday - I had planned Chocolate Broccoli's Chicken Pot Pie... and J was having it regardless of how I felt.
So I posted up on the other side of the kitchen telling him what to do (the mask didnt last long, I HATE breathing hot air), but he definitely wanted me wearing it.

What you cant see on the counter is his sanitation area - Hand Sanitizer, Emergen-C, and Zicam.. think he is paranoid?!

Day 5: Layla hasnt abandoned me.. yet.

I can say that I feel human today... but do not want to expose my coworkers to what I have been experiencing. I cant wait to go back to work tomorrow, be normal and socialize, since my hubby has had me quarantined to our room!
Everyone stay healthy! & if you think you might be getting sick, go to the doctor!!!


  1. Uggghhhhh:( I hate that you're sick! If I can't be there- I'm glad CB can satisfy in my absence;) loves!!

  2. Im so sorry you were sick! It is pretty funny your man made you wear a mask... mine would have too!!
    Hope you are on the mend!!

  3. The video of Layla is adorable! I hope you feel better soon, but glad you have your companion who lays in bed with you no matter how sick you are. No love like puppy love. :)


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