Friday, January 11, 2013

High Five for Friday (1.11.13)

Its been quite a dreary week here in Dallas.. it made the week drag on so horribly.. But Friday is here now, so I will just enjoy it!
Linking up with Lauren today with my five high post.
1. I got to see the Massey twins & their momma this weekend after a long 2 week hiatus - 2 weeks toooo long really!
2. We celebrated Miss Jenna B's birthday with a night of "Boom Chicka Booming" as my husband likes to call it
3. We got to spend time with the Cabrera's and sweet baby Jacob
4. On a rainy night this week we had the perfect 5 year old dinner... grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup!
5. I'm sick... not a high, but my honey is overly sweet & is taking good care of me and thats a high - thanks J!
 Lazy weekend ahead with lots of sleep and antibiotics.. hopefully I will feel better by Sunday - we have plans to cross off one of my 30 before 30!

Have a good weekend yall & stay healthy!


  1. I'm a Dallas girl too. It has been dreary and yucky. Found you through the link up!

  2. Oh the twins are so cute! Love your pictures.


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