Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Justin and Jordan came over today to grill out and just hang out. They brought Dash along... He has gotten SOO big! He and Layla were just 2 peas in a pod, running around the house and wearing each other out!

Jarrett's parents stopped by.... disappeared for a minute and then the puppies came running out in these so cute jerseys!!

And they continued to rough house... and of course the Aggie dominated the Red Raider! ;)
I have also been itching for Justin to come over and teach us how to use our new fryer! Burgers, hot dogs, and french fries were on the menu today...
J and I peeled the potatoes:
And we found this extremely handy french fry cutter at the store this morning:Soaked the potatoes... dont ask me why, Justin said to do it!Into the Fryer they go....And the delicious result!
So delish and just what we needed today. Relaxation with brother and sister... and Mrs. Amber Massey made an appearance as well.

Onto another crazy busy week... work has really been heating up & I have multiple appointments this week, work HH to celebrate the wedding, Bridals.... now to fit it all in....
Have a fabulous week!

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