Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

A DFF Surprise

Today we had a company meeting, which really ended up being a multitude of celebtrations. You put almost 40 girls in one office and there is a LOT going on; 3 preggos and 6 weddings to be exact! Plus we all survived Super Bowl XLV... Kaye, the president of our company, brought in the YUMMY GiGi's Cupcakes (wedding cake pictured here) AND ice cream. Delicious, yet may make me regret having my dress taken in at my last fitting. So a sweet treat for mid-week and a sweet gift from DFF!

So happy to say that I work with these amazing women and that I am sharing this super fun time with all of them!

Post Wedding Blues

Work has gone from blazing fast, travel crazy to a much slower pace in the past few weeks. And almost all wedding decisions are accomplished. Literally, its only small things, like packing, bridal luncheon, writing letters etc. All main components DONE.

Not that I complained about my fast paced life, but there were days that I wished for a break.. now I have one and I literally do not know what to do with myself. I am SO BORED. I was texting with Amber... here's the highlight of our conversation: "Right now I'm just like an ADD child - oh Sh!t!! I'm becoming Jarrett!" Quite the scary revelation if you ask me!

Then I started teasing saying that I was going to have post-wedding depression. But after thinking I was funny and googling, I found this, which makes this not a funny topic any more.

Apparently, post-wedding blues can become a serious problem, somewhat like post-partum depression. So here's to raising the awareness to my friends who are getting married/will get married some day. Just remember that although the wedding planning is so much fun, and stressful at times, its not just about that ONE day. Its about your lives together (and there is A LOT that comes with that)

Fortunately J&I have had the opporunity to live together for the past 8 months, have gotten through the hiccups and are on the same page. At this point Wedding Day, is making it official and having an excuse for an ultimate party. What I meant by Wedding Blues, was that when work is slow, I have nothing to google, nothing to research, no lists to make.... and I feel LOST! hahaha

Maybe this means its time to learn to relax - thank goodness for our 8 day honeymoon of bliss thats coming in just 42 days! And maybe if the relaxing thing doesnt work out I need to find a hobby!


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