Friday, February 25, 2011

Project: Organize My Life - Phase 1

So apparently my life is a complete mess.

Who knew?

For being a serious Type A, OCD, individual my life has been turned upside down over the past few months. I guess thats what some serious work and traveling does to a person.

I came to this realization Wednesday morning. Up until that point I had a serious case of denial.

Wednesday morning I woke up late - had a conference call at 8:30 am... 7:45 am wake up call just ain't gonna cut it. Quick body wash shower... forget the hair - I had an appointment with Deb that night anyway. Get to the closet, and I find that J had "cleaned" aka his OCD kicks in and he hates my clothes laying on the chaise in our room and being in the laundry room (since I REFUSE to put them away) This cleaning means that there are serious piles of clothes in my itty bitty closet - not itty bitty by any means, but with the amount of clothes I have and Jarrett's suits that must be 1-inch apart (?! dont ask me) - - it seems itty bitty.

Long story short - my piles of clothes quickly turned into crazy, thrown, mounds while I tried to get ready. I realized that J needs to just leave my things alone, and that I need to get my sh!t in order. So Project: Organize My Life came to life.... then I sat on it for a few more days.
Tonight after work I finally faced the music... here are my before and afters... its no joke. OUT.OF.CONTROL.
Angle One:
Before -
After -

Angle Two:

Before -

After -
Next up: Project: Organize My Life - Phase 2 Car Clean Up.... everytime I turn I hear a Red Bull can clink around and a coke bottle sloshing... I mean really? Its so gross.... but I just turn up the music.... maybe soon..... but we'll see.


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  1. Come do my closet! My half looks like your befores and Justin's half looks like your afters!!!


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