Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

I'm starting to see the light!!

Although my to-do list isn't shrinking, the items on the list as getting smaller and smaller. We still have a lot to do, don't get me wrong.. we are still working on the music and have a meeting with the DJ on the 15th.. I am still working on every word of our ceremony, our meeting with Jerry was postponed until the 22nd due to dear Mr Jack Frost last week.. I have called the lady I would like to do my alterations/bustle, but still dont have a schedule/plan.. I am still trying out make-up artists... and the list goes on and on.

BUT we have decided on our rehearsal dinner venue, our "grooms cake" decision has been made, hair appts/schedule is taken care of, and a lot of the details have gotten accomplished. While doing the details, I have really been enjoying looking at wedding pictures of my family.

Here is my sweet cousin, Danielle and her husband Joe....

She eerily looks like my Nana on her wedding day:
Nana... Danielle... Danielle... Nana... CRAZY resemblance that I had never noticed before until today!

As soon as I got home from Super Bowl on Monday I started stamping, stuffing, and EW, licking our invitations - it was my goal to get them out before I leave for San Fran tomorrow. A few hours later: invitations - DONE!

And dropped in the mail Tuesday morning! This is such a huge relief to me! I have been stressed about getting them out and now its all said and done and people have already been texting me that they have received them... ooooh Happy Day!

What other updates do I have right now? OH! My nakey bridesmaid wont be nakey any more.. we found a dress in Colorado thats the same color and we will have cut and altered to match the other dresses! YAY!

I am really looking forward to my bridal shower on Sunday and spending time with my girls, family and friends. It will be much needed after my GO GO GO past few months. The great news is I am slowing down at work from now until the wedding (well, sort of, I do have a 1800 person meeting in Vegas 2 weeks before the wedding, but if I didnt have that I would more than likely become Bridezilla!) And all the fun stuff is starting - Bridal Shower, DFF Shower, Couples Shower, Bachelorette Party, Bridal Luncheon then THE DAY! So excited about the next 2 months and to share it all with you!

Happy Wednesday!


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