Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - JoJo Edition

Hello sweet friends!

Lots going on in the wedding world - things are getting accomplished left and right over here. We're getting so close... 52 days!

BUT today I want to post about Justin and Jordan's wedding! She is... I guess I should say THEY are making lots n lots of progress - she has booked a venue, picked a dress, bridesmaids dresses, has lots of creative, personalized ideas, etc.

I have always thought getting married in October would be the perfect month. Texas weather is amazing that time of year and it will make for the Dunaway Wedding to be absolute perfection.

Jarrett and I are so lucky to be a part of Justin and Jordan's day! Jarrett will be Justin's Best Man, and I was so blessed to be asked to be one of Jordan's bridesmaids with THE cutest tee:

J-squared is really on their A-game and have had their engagement pictures already taken. which you MUST check out HERE on their blog. They are so amazing, and absolutely their style!

I am so excited to start on all of JoJo's festivities and helping her with all of her DIY projects. She is so so creative and I cannot wait to see all of her visions come together!

Come on October! We are ready for you!


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  1. You are such a dork :P! Thank you for the sweet words!!!


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