Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Okay - I'll give you a little background on this story before I dive right in...

I have always been overly obsessed with sports and with athletes. So obsessed that I have athlete "husbands" and "boyfriends". On my list these days are the following:

#4: Boyfriend Adrian Peterson - Obsession began in his OU days
#3: Boyfriend Miles Austin - Ol' Blue Eyes himself
#2: Boyfriend Lebron James - the next Michael Jordan in my book... (and later you'll see that this is a BIG statement for me.)
#1: The "husband" Demarcus Ware - amazing athlete, great role model and amazing family man

So yes, I am crazy. I also grew up in Chicago during the Bulls championship era. Needless to say I grew up worshipping this logo:
Every single morning before school I would sit at our kitchen table, eat my cereal, and razor blade out all Bulls related articles, especially my main man and first athlete husband, Michael Jordan, MJ, Air Jordan, His Airness.. however you would like to address THE man.
Not only is he the most amazing athlete that has roamed the Earth, but he always has portrayed himself as a class act and a great role model (please do not burst my bubble with stories of gambling, women, etc. I have a huge case of denial)

I ate in his restaurant, I wore his cologne (yes, I am serious), I have every article STILL that I cut out and glued on construction paper, I have an autographed basketball, I had a 6 foot cardboard cutout of him in my bedroom... even in high school.
So now to the point:
I was at work today diligently working on my upcoming Vegas meeting when I went to the Aria website to look up the address and stumbled upon a small icon to the left of the page... and literally almost peed my pants I was so excited.
I stumbled upon this.
Yes, folks, this means my ORIGINAL ATHLETE HUSBAND will not only be in Vegas at the same time as me BUT WILL BE STAYING AT THE SAME HOTEL AS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot contain myself.
Last time in Vegas I got a photo with his wax figure... THIS Vegas trip I quite possibly could get a photo with His Airness himself.... OH EMMM GEEEE!

So now that I have publicly explained to you that I am crazy - Wedding Wednesday will be blogged tomorrow... yes, seriously this took precedence over blogging about my fabulous Bridal Shower. :) And that's why you all love me!

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