Sunday, September 5, 2010

Changes, changes, changes

After a loooong week at the Anatole I came home to a CLEAN house, yummy yellow flowers everywhere and NEW chandeliers in both the dining room and kitchen!
The UH-Mazing chandelier in the dining room (Took J hourssss to put together!)
The kitchen pendant light....
AND one of the rugs I ordered came in while I was gone:
My Dad had planned on coming over on Saturday to help us paint the dining room furniture. Here is the room Before:J washing the furniture ...Layla is clearly helping :)

Setting up to transform everything from off-white to dark brown

Scotty Potty getting to w.o.r.k.

Everything drying nicely:


For anyone who knows my dad... one project is certainly not enough for a day, so he and J did the under cabinet lighting - it looks awesome!

Next up! Operation Lamps :)



  1. Looks FAB!! Can't wait to see it, lovie!

  2. I forgot to take the lamps and chandeliers off your hands! But I doooo still want them!


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