Monday, September 20, 2010

Engagement Party Time!

Life is a bit crazy at our house these days.. I am traveling a lot more, and as yall all know we are doing a lot around the house. We finally found time to celebrate our engagement with close friends and family a few weekends ago.

Our parents were so gracious to set the whole thing up and it was PERFECT! Low key and fun, exactly what I needed after getting off program that day. We had about 50 people at my parents house - it was fabulous!
Super Cute Cake:
Happy happy...
Dads with J's uncle, Jerry

My pretty Mom

J, his momma, Justin and JoJo

All of my girls... old friends, new friends.. all fabulous!

My MOHs (couldnt survive without them! also... please excuse my whiteness. I was in a hotel for 5 days prior to the party with no windows or fresh air... yes, thats right... feel sorry for me ;) ha!)All of my ladies (minue Amber) Jordan, Heather, Katie, Jenna and Lorin

During our parents speeches:So thankful to our parents for such a great party! We are so lucky to have such supportive friends and family. We cannot wait to share all of our precious times ahead with everyone! Loves!



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