Monday, May 21, 2012

A Favorite Weekend

Another weekend has come & gone... can you believe it? ((& I am already posting again... Holy Moly...I promised I would get back on my game/my schedule at work is so much easier thus far for summer.. but shhh.... its really just me being back on my game!))

Friday, J&I couldnt decide what we were going to do... Main Street Days, Taste of Addison, or the Byron Nelson??? Such hard decisions... Main Street Days.. kind of far.. Taste of Addison.. Right down the street, but $15 to get in.. EACH.. No tickeys to the Byron... So we talked, and chatted over a few cocktails... & we decided we would do none of the above... we were heading to J's favorite Steve Fields.

This is one of my favorite weekends of the year... 2 years ((ish)) ago J proposed to me.. so crazy how one night can comepletely change your life... So let me go a bit nostoglic on you and post one of my favs from that particular night ..

Okay... moving on now..... Its a weekend worth celebrating

Saturday greeted us with pretty much the same perdicaments during the day, but we opted with lazy.

My boss was getting married Saturday night - look at these cuties!

I didnt get any pictures of Andra from that night, but she looked gorgeous! I am so excited for her & Tom and her new start as Mrs. Craven!

I didnt get a big group pic, but here are some of my gorgeous co-workers.

J&I had tickets to the Dave Mathews Band concert... so post ceremony, he picked me up, we went to Nick & Sams Grill - holy Yum, always so good - then over to Gexa for the concert. Where I realized some things.

1. DMB fans are not playing around. Gates opened at 7, we arrived about 8:45, the parking lot was packed and Dave was already on - who knew?

2. I'm old. As soon as we got in we went to the bathroom, where apparently a girl cut in front of me in line and a few girls back was not happy about it. Bitch-fest ensued. I did not get involved for a few reasons. A.) I was not drunk B.) I'm not 21 C.) Im old

3. Said girls above were 12... and could not speak real words due to their drunkeness.. I am old

4. Girl accused of cutting offered to buy me a beer if I wasnt 21. A.) Thanks for the compliment B.) I am old

5. J&I finally head out to the lawn... where I am drinking water (I am old) and J is having a beer. People are falling everywhere. I dont belong here. I am old

6. Said beer is a double size I see at gas stations and I associate bums drinking. I am old

7. Ladies/everyone around us are flailing (J informs me this is DMB dancing) I am old

8. There is so much pot smoking happening - I am extremely uncomfortable. I am old

9. J&I leave before concert is over. We are old.

I think I am better off with DMB at our house, drinking wine, no smoke. Ciggy or otherwise...

Sunday... we headed to the Taste...

& then just relaxed at home - it was divine :)

This week I head to DC for a short trip and then starting friday I am on vacation until June 4th - and I am not quite sure what the heck I am going to do with myself!? So pumped! Have a great week peeps!


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  1. I love this post! So great :) How fun was your weekend!? Oh, and BTW- give me your orange shirt, thanks! Love you!


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